Officer shoots aggressive dog outside Walmart

SEGUIN, Texas -- The Seguin Police Department says one of their officers was forced to shoot a dog in front of a Seguin Walmart Monday night.

Walmart employees contacted police concerning three individuals who were reportedly soliciting money and refusing to leave.

When an officer arrived, he found a man standing outside the store who had an outstanding warrant for public intoxication and arrested him.

The officer then waited near a dog that was tied to backpack in front of the store.

The officer reported that when the dog's owner exited the store, he was given a final opportunity to leave voluntarily.

The officer said the man then returned to his backpack and dog, but the dog ended up getting loose and charged at the officer.

The officer reported trying to retreat backward and fend the dog off with his left arm.

He said he was forced to grab his gun with his right hand and fire one shot at the dog, before he fell backwards to the ground.

"The officer had the wherewithal to fire his weapon toward the ground and away from any potential bystanders," Sgt. Springer continued. "There were no people in the line of fire."

The Seguin Police Department said the dog's owner confronted the officer and then turned to return to his bag.

The officer said because he did not know what was in the bag, he took the man into custody.

The man was later arrested for criminal trespass.

The dog suffered a gunshot wound to the neck.

Seguin Animal Services was immediately sent to the scene, and the dog was taken to a New Braunfels animal emergency clinic for treatment and has since been released.

Seguin police said the dog is now in the care of Seguin Animal Services and was active and walking Tuesday morning.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

"Officers are trained to deal with threats of all natures, whether human or otherwise," Sgt. Springer continued. "This officer felt his safety was in immediate danger and deadly force was necessary to protect himself."

Video of the incident was obtained from a Walmart security camera.

"It's always unfortunate when something like this happens," Springer said. "In this case we have the video that gives a clear indication of what occurred. We feel releasing this video to the public should end any speculation about the facts surrounding the incident."

The third person Walmart employees said was also soliciting money and refused to leave was not located

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