A look at the possible future of retail

By: Matt McGovern Email
By: Matt McGovern Email
What could a shopping experience 25 years from now look like?

The shopping experience will look and feel a lot different than it does today.

(NBC) - Some say retail will change more in the next half decade than it has over the last century, and despite the phenomenal growth of e-commerce, physical stores won't go the way of the dinosaurs 25 years from now.

But the shopping experience will look and feel a lot different than it does today.

The future of retail is now in the making. In Manhattan studios, Silicon Valley start-ups, and retail labs that look like any old store but are smarter.

The intersection of online information, physical product and personalization from data analytics will re-define the retail experience.

By opting in, retailers will know who we are, what we like, and how we buy as soon as we step inside.

And personalization will be paramount - like customizing a pair of converse for every shopper in the store.

Smart storefronts that sense what sports team you like and display the team jersey to prompt a purchase.

Digital halos around every product that tell a story - where it comes from, how it was made and peer reviews of its performance.

Powered by your personal preferences and particulars - smart shelves will also protect you.

And through all these experiences, the consumer will be in control.

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