App released for food freshness


Peres detects compounds in food that show age, or spoilage.

(NBC) - Food safety? There's an app for that.

And it comes from a company using technology to examine your food and tell you if it's safe.

It's small, but already catching on in a big way. An electronic "nose" to detect food that's gone bad.

It's called "Peres," and it, along with your smartphone, is coming soon to a restaurant and kitchen near you.

Peres detects compounds in food that show age, or spoilage. It sends the data instantly to your mobile device, via Bluetooth, to warn you if food is bad.

Something restaurants, and homeowners, say they'd love to have.

Investors are also interested in the "food detective," which passed its Indiegogo fundraising goal after one day.

Good news for foodies and the people who serve them.

Eventually, this kind of technology will likely be embedded inside your smartphone, maybe even your smart refrigerator.

If you're interested now, the Peres itself will go on sale this summer.

They are expected to cost about 120 dollars each.

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