Are the pictures on your computer safe?

By: Matt McGovern Email
By: Matt McGovern Email
The Barbees

A virus locked up Loretta Barbee's computer and then encrypted thousands of her photos from the past seven years.

SPRING HILL, FL (NBC) - If crooks stole your family's most precious photos, would you be willing to pay to get them back? Computer viruses known as "ransom ware" can do just that.

Like many moms, Loretta Barbee documents her family's life in pictures. She's grateful for those she framed, because now that's all that's left.

A virus locked up her computer and then encrypted thousands of her photos from the past seven years.

Now someone, somewhere, is holding her photos for ransom.

At first, the hackers sent a message.

The demand: $500. Four days later, the ransom shot up to $1,000, and if she doesn't pay, they'll disappear forever.

A technology savvy friend worked on the computer for three days. He was able to remove the virus, but couldn't remove the encryption on the photos.

Barbee's husband, Don, says he was shocked by how ruthless the hackers are. The Barbees' computer is infected by something called Crypto-Locker.

Perricone's company has software for business clients that catches the Crypto-Locker virus before it finishes it's attacks, but once you get the ransom message, it's too late.

Beyond that, Perricone recommends backing up all data on an external hard-drive, and make sure you disconnect that from your computer to keep Crypto-Locker away. That's something Barbee disparately wishes she had done.

She still isn't giving up hope, though, that someone will figure out how to get her photos back.

So the big question is: Do you pay or not? The answer isn't clear.

Perricone says Crypto-Locker is known to actually do what it says: you pay and get your data back.

But the FBI recommends against it because paying will encourage the hackers to keep attacking other computer users.

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