Baby Murder Trial Enters Fourth Day

Baby Murder Trial Continues

Seven Flags Murder Case Remains Open

Man Attacks Deputy With Gun Before Officer-Involved Shooting

Tulsa Cop Betty Shelby Found Not Guilty of Manslaughter

Chicago Police Officer Testifies in Baby Murder Trial

Baby Murder Trial Begins

Murder Victim's Family Speaks on Cold Case

Man Charged with Murder to Stand Trial

Court Hearing Set for Sheriff's Department Employees

Boston Murder Suspect's Mother: 'I'm As Dead As He Is'

Webb County Sheriff's Office Arrests Two of Their Employees

Angry Patron Shoots into Fort Worth Bar, Two Wounded

Teen Receives Stab Wound to Stomach

Woman Convicted of Murder Wants Case to be Re-Heard

Facebook Message Leads to Teacher's Arrest

Men Sentenced to Prison for Kidnapping Undocumented Immigrants

Man Competent to Stand Murder Trial

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