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George H.W. Bush in Hospital

Tensions Rise As Trump Heads To Inauguration

Obama Issues Warning on First Anniversary of Iran Nuclear Deal

Out-of-Control Car Jumps Curb, Hits Teen Girl

Trooper Ambushed, Passerby Shoots Suspect

Animal Control Officer Adopts Blind Dog When No One Else Will

Dog on Cliff Rescue Attempts Caught on Camera

Shooting Survivor: 'He Was My Guardian Angel'

Steelers Assistant Coach Arrested

US veteran arrested in airport shooting; 5 dead, 8 wounded

Strangers United by Tragedy and Courage

U.S. official says Russia undoubtedly meddled in election

Beating of Special Needs Teen Streamed on Facebook

Sheriff Offers Up Inmates to Build Trump Wall

Pistol-Packing Granny Faces Down Armed Intruder

Sole Survivor of Police Ambush Recovers

Postal Service Apology: Six Canaries Sent by Mail Arrive Dead

'Build a Wall' Chanted at Latino Students

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