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Baby Stops Crying to Watch Dallas Cowboys

Woman Gives Birth to 14+ Pound Baby

New York Bank Robber Leaves Money All Over the City

Country Star finds Slithery Surprise in Toilet

'Hot Felon' Takes Photo with Family

2016 Re-Imagined as a Horror Movie

Grandpa Goes Viral After Denture Mishap

Adorable Tasmanian Devil Joey Enjoys Tickles and Cuddles

Man Performs Jingle Bells with His Beard

E-Cigarette Explodes in Pants

China's 80-Year-Old Model

Woman Digs Through Dump to Find Wedding Rings

Two Bald Eagles Stuck in Storm Drain

Forget Christmas Carols, Here Are the Top Halloween Songs

This Tasmanian Devil is No Looney Tunes Character

Looking Out for #2: Dogs Sniff Out Fecal Pollution

Trump Campaign Sign Protected by Cat Feces

Dad Builds Daughter Ninja Warrior Course to Help With Training

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