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WSJ: Trump Falsehoods Erode his Credibility

Trump Loyalist Defends President's Credibility

White House Attempts to Minimize Manafort Role

Historian: 'Trump is His Own Worst Enemy'

Comey Confirms FBI Probe into 2016 Election

Santorum: Trump is Hurting Himself

Trump Responds to Hawaii Travel Ban Ruling

Journalist Believes Trump Sent Him Tax Return

Department of Justice Wants More Time for Trump Wiretap Evidence

Rep. King: 'I Meant Exactly What I Said'

Browder: Putin Could be Richest Man in World

Conway: 'I'm not Inspector Gadget'

Spicer on Repeat Over Wiretap Claim

McConnell Blunt on Border Wall Payment

Examining Trump's Wiretap Claim

Trump Shows Openness to Health Bill Changes

GOP Split on Obamacare Replacement Bill

Updated Travel Ban Takes Effect March 16

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