Rescue crews search for missing woman near Lake Travis

Motive still a mystery in Santa Fe massacre

San Antonio journalist rescues dog from drainage ditch

Military ammo crashes through Texas roof

Ten dead in Santa Fe Texas school shooting

Seven-month-old dies after being left in hot car

Authorities arrest 17-year-old in connection to Texas school shooting

Santa Fe shooting suspect identified

Up to 10 killed in Texas school shooting; possible explosives found

Santa Fe High School student shares traumatic experience

Former Bandidos leaders found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder

Dump truck catches fire on Texas highway

Good Samaritan shades Houston resident from hot sun

Thirteen-year-old boy escapes abduction in Houston

Texas family finds large gator in their driveway

Twenty-five-year-old man arrested for posing as a high school student

Harris County apartment complex catches fire

Five people found dead inside Denton home

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