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Texas substitute teacher accused of duct taping students mouth

Attorney General Jeff Sessions discusses U.S. immigration policies

ICE agents remove Salvadorian man wanted for homicide

Big Tex fire anniversary

Texas mother and child hit by car on their way to school

Houston carjacking caught on camera

Six people dead in Texas house fire

Man arrested for allegedly stealing $1.2M in fajitas from the county

Oil rig explosion in Ledwig Ranch

Lubbock holds memorial service for Texas Tech officer

UPS worker pinned under 18-wheeler

Police still searching for missing Texas girl

Tractor trailer driver pleads guilty in human smuggling case

Texas woman accused of beating boys with an aluminum bat

Federal judge says Abbott was wrong to remove mock nativity display

TxDOT helps communities recover from Hurricane Harvey

Man says he ruined his shoes after send police on a car chase

San Antonio man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting foster children

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