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Target pulls "Baby Daddy" card after receiving customer complaints

Autistic student wows classmates during graduation speech

TX mother alleges man racially harassed her at CA hotel pool

Mother arrested for leaving son alone in car while attempting to shoplift

Texas school counselor arrested for having improper relationship with a student

Texas dogs get face full of quills after porcupine encounter

Federal authorities looking to erect tent cities to house unaccompanied minors

Texas teen posts bond after allegedly shooting friend in online challenge

Cars stolen from Texas dealership after oil changes

Texas DPS shares list of citations with federal immigration authorities

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Southern Baptist Convention

Road rage incident in Houston escalates into shooting

Investigation reveals several health issues at immigrant detention centers

Texas commissioners approve resolution against separating families

O’Rourke speaks out about families being separated at the border

In N Out closes Texas locations due to burger bun issues

Houston man shoots and kills his own father

Firetruck overturns in Fort Worth

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