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Winds and Warm Temperatures

Going from Warm to Hot

Temperatures Are Slowly Climbing.....

Monday 10 pm Weather Forecast. Warm weather from the south and west.

It's the First Day of Spring!

Friday 10 pm Weather: Springlike Weather will continue.

A Warm and Breezy St. Patty's Day

Thursday 10 pm Weather: A warm, mainly sunny forecast.

Temperatures Are Slowly Rising

50-Car Pileup Shuts Down Snowy Canada Highway

Wednesday 10 pm Weather: Humid Cloudy Late Nights, 90F Next Week

Superintendent Sings Weather-Related School Closure to Students

Warm Temperatures Are Coming this Weekend!

KGNS 6 pm Weather: A warm-up on the way

Is This Storm Really a Blizzard?

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