Boxers Return Home World Champs

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Sixteen boxers from the Laredo area are back from the 2014 Ringside World Championships, and some of them come back winners.

Three of the boxers return world champions in their age and weight division, and one more earned second place. The three first place winners were 13-year-old Jose Cardenas, 14-year-old Jose Alfredo Martinez, and 17-year old Joshua Juarez.

For Juarez, this is his fourth consecutive championship and he previously has won a regional and state golden glove award. Juarez got started into boxing when he was just seven years old.

"I think the sport of boxing helps me in discipline wise. Being on time, you have to be on time to the gym, you have to be on time to your job and to school. It helps you become a better person. When you get knocked down in life, it helps you get back up and not just give up."

All these boxers are a part of the Webb County Sheriff's PALS gym. This year's world championship was held in Missouri.