Local Fighters Win in Fight Fest 9

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Fight Fest 9 drew a large crowd for eight matches of boxing and MMA. In the first fight, local boxer Juan Bryand faced San Antonio opponent Daniel Sanchez. Bryand got a knock-down in the first round, and won by a unanimous decision. The second fight featured Laredo MMA fighter Francisco Segura against Alfredo Ortego. Segura got his opponent to the ground in the second round, and won by a rear naked choke. Segura says he was nervous going into the fight, but glad he won in front of his home crowd.

"We went into the camp, into the fight as well as the training camp with a specific goal in mind, and that was to take the fight to the floor. That's what we ended up doing. Obviously it was successful with our technique and got him to the ground for the win"

Jennifer Ruiz also earned the win.