Tigers Ready to Make History in Semi's

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On the eve of their regional quarterfinal game against Corpus Christi Miller, Martin players are ready to continue the history making year for the Tigers while also drawing on a loss two years ago to keep their minds focused.

"Two years ago we were in this similar situation but we came up a bit short and now two years later we have another opportunity and hopefully we come out on top." (Hector Noyola Jr., Martin Head Coach)

That game was against Alexander in this same round and after beating the Bulldogs twice in the district season, Martin fell on that night. At the time both Victor Salazar and Mauricio Renteria were sophomores playing a supporting role but now is their time to shine.

"The roles have changed now, me and Mau being the seniors it's kind of our team now. We want to set a new goal and standard and this is what it takes, winning this game." (Victor Salazar, Martin Point Guard)

A win would continue the history making year at martin in boys sports, one that started with the Tiger football team in the fall.

"Nobody predicted the football players to go to the playoffs and nobody predicted us to go to the playoffs but we did it and we're very happy to be in this position right now." (Mauricio Renteria, Martin Shooting Guard)

"We've been to this point before but never past it. We're going to try our best and this is our goal to pass what we've already done."

"It's hard to beat a team three times in a row, so we're going with that and they aren't going to beat us this time that's for sure."

Martin will look to make history tomorrow night against district 31-4A mate Corpus Christi Miller in Alice at 7:30.

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