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Event Dates and Times

6/11/2016 - Starts: 11:00 AM
201 Hillside Rd. Laredo, TX 78041
South Texas Credit Adivsors in conjunction with Prospect Mortgage, Farmers Insurance, Swisher & Martin Broker, and Armadillo Homes will be hosting a FREE Home buyer Seminar to educate our community on what it takes to buy a home. Free refreshments and snacks will be served as well as door prizes. Anyone interested must RSVP at 956-242-7466.
Letty Santos 956-242-7466 letty.santos@yahoo.com

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Laredo Builder's Association Parade of Homes

Event Dates and Times

5/20/2016 - Starts: 8:00 AM
Laredo, Texas
Tour this year's fabulous creations! Family Entertainment and value!
Sheri Alba
Congratulations! Please pick up your tickets at our offices at 120 W Del Mar Blvd. Monday thru Friday, 8:30a to 5:30p.

Thank you!

Ana Rivera Soto
Marketing & Promotions Director
Sheri Alba

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Featured Event

“Operation Clean-Up” continues in District V

Event Dates and Times

9/1/2015 - Starts: 7:00 AM
9/3/2015 - Starts: 7:00 AM
City of Laredo District V
Inspectors from various City departments will team up on THURSDAY, September 3, 2015 to make a sweep of an area in City Council District V educating about and enforcing City of Laredo codes.

The campaign will encompass the following north central neighborhood: Calton Road to Canal between Diana Drive and Key Avenue, including West Sycamore, Walnut and Peach, as well as Gallagher, Mims and Haynes Avenue. Inspectors from Community Development (Code Enforcement division), Police (Ordinance division), Health (Animal Control division) and Building Development Services (Zoning Inspection division) will be walking door-to-door on Friday. They will be speaking to property and business owners about proper maintenance codes, pointing out violations and distributing information.

In addition to this focus on the neighborhoods, City inspectors will advise residents and business owners to place unwanted debris and objects at the curb for removal. On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, Solid Waste crews will be picking up all curbside debris along the designated Operation Clean-Up area. Participants in the “clean-up” area are urged to place all unwanted items on the curb away from fences, water meters and mailboxes by 7:00 a.m. Inspectors will inform participants on a case-by-case basis regarding limitations on unwanted items. Please note, no oil or paint will be picked up.

“Operation Clean-Up is a really positive campaign for helping to beautify Laredo,” said Ronnie Acosta, Community Development Director. “Residents have cleaned up their community, and we have only had to issue a minimal amount of citations. We encourage everyone to be a part of this campaign,” she said.

Results from Operation Clean-Up IV: June 2015
Verbal Warnings 288
Written Warnings 3
Citations 2
Junked Vehicles 43
Weeds & Letters 9
Nuisance 16
Total Tons of Debris Picked Up 27.08
Small Tires Collected 100
For additional information on the clean-up campaign, contact the City of Laredo Community Development Department at 795-2675.

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Featured Event

Laredo Public Library Invites Community to Spend An Evening with Author Fernando Piñon

Event Dates and Times

8/12/2015 - Starts: 6:00 PM
Laredo Public Library HEB Multi-Purpose Room 1120 East Calton Road
The Laredo Public Library would like to invite the community to come spend an evening with former Laredoan and author Fernando Piñon, where he will discuss his latest book, “Searching for America in the Streets of Laredo: the Mexican American Experience in the Anglo American Narrative.” The lecture and book signing will be on Wednesday, August 12, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Laredo Public Library HEB Multi-Purpose Room, located at 1120 East Calton Road.

Piñon, a former editor of The Laredo Morning Times, recently retired as a professor of political science at San Antonio College and the University of Texas at San Antonio. In the book, the author addresses the source of that much-too-common feeling that “something is wrong” with America. It is a feeling he claims derives from an American ideology that has been soiled, thus diminishing our civic and political culture.

In “Searching for America in the Streets of Laredo,” the author confronts this political and cultural dissonance as it pertains to the Anglo-American narrative of equality, individual liberty and fundamental rights and the Mexican-American experience. It is a search that touches on the very soul of American democracy and American culture, for ultimately it will allow us to determine whether the very ideology that made America great could also be the source of its undoing.

“For several decades, American society has been living in a state of dissonance,” Piñon writes. “As Americans, we worship the motto of E Pluribus Unum, but are distrustful of each other and characterize each other as ‘givers’ and ‘takers.’ We cherish our democracy, but do not trust ‘government,’ and allow for the manipulation of the electoral mechanism. We praise the American worker, but hesitate to establish a living wage and deny them the power to organize. We relish ‘America the Beautiful’ but criticize government when it attempts to curb pollution and prevent the destruction of our ‘spacious skies,’ and ‘mountain majesties’ and fields of ‘amber waves of grain.’”

Perhaps even more important, Piñon writes, is that even as the American narrative reveres the concept of equality we are caught in a systemic web of intolerance and discrimination that we seem powerless to

eradicate. Even as we glorify the immigrant as being the building block of our society, we often rail against the newcomers from south of the border, and just as we claim to be the peacekeepers in the world, no other country in the world has been engaged in war more than the United States.

This “Search for America in the Streets of Laredo” then, is the author’s quest for America’s authenticity, an attempt to determine how as Americans we can harmonize the glorified American ideology with the country’s history, culture and actions. Not surprisingly, Piñon finds that Laredo’s own experience in forging a deep and authentic blending of cultures, politics and history offers a model which the country can emulate. For only if America is true to its narrative can the United States go from being a world power which depends on force, to a world authority which leads through respect.

“Searching for America” is Piñon’s fifth book. His other books are “Dynamics of Ethnic Politics,” “Patron Democracy,” “Child of the Half Millennium,” and “United States Government: Ideology, Culture, Politics and Law.”

Piñon has three children: Adriana, the senior attorney for the Texas branch of the American Civil Liberties Union; Fernando, an artist living in La Joya, California; and Veronica, a marine insurance broker living in London. He is married to the former Libna Arana from Chile.
For more information about the event, contact Renee La Perriere at (956) 795-2400, X2237 or via e-mail at reneel@laredolibrary.org.

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Featured Event

Laredo Sector Border Patrol R.E.A.L. Mission Program Beautification Project

Event Dates and Times

4/25/2015 - Starts: 9:00 AM
905 West Calais Drive Laredo, Texas 78040
Laredo Sector Border Patrol R.E.A.L. Mission Program
Beautification Project

What: R.E.A.L. Mission - Youth outreach program help clean up Laredo community

Who: IBC
City of Laredo
Border Patrol Laredo Sector
Justice of the Peace Pct. 4 Jose “Pepe” Salinas

About: The R.E.A.L. mission program was created and implemented in 2010, due to an increase need for a community program that would mentor the youth that have been designated as “at risk” students. The students were chosen and mandated by Judge Jose “Pepe” Salinas, Justice of the Peace Pct. 4, to attend the eight-week program with meetings being held twice a week. Students meet with the agents and receive instruction on ways to build a better future and tools to ensure their success in all their future endeavors. The overall mission is to provide a mentorship program that emphasizes respect, education, leadership skills, teamwork, and community service.

When: Saturday, April 25, 2015
Media Availability 9:00-10:00 AM

Where: House Address: 905 West Calais Drive
Laredo, Texas 78040

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Featured Event

Laredo Cops Take to the Rooftop of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Raise Awareness, Funds for SOTX

Event Dates and Times

4/24/2015 - Starts: 8:00 AM
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 6627 San Dario Ave.
Laredo Cops Take to the Rooftop of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Raise Awareness, Funds for SOTX

Laredo area police officers will be taking over the rooftop of a local Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shop to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics Texas. Tip the ‘Cops on Top’ for their dedicated effort to support SOTX athletes. All proceeds will go on to provide programming for more than 1,800 SOTX athletes in the Laredo area.

Special Olympics Texas (SOTX) is a privately funded non-profit organization that changes lives through the power of sport by encouraging and empowering people with intellectual disabilities, promoting acceptance for all, and fostering communities of understanding and respect. SOTX provides continuing opportunities for more than 53,400 children and adults with intellectual disabilities throughout the Lone Star State to realize their potential, develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage and experience joy and friendship.
To learn more, visit www.specialolympicstexas.org or call 800.876.5646.

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Featured Event

Laredo A&M Club Aggie Muster

Event Dates and Times

4/21/2015 - Starts: 6:00 PM
St. Augustine High School
Laredo A&M Club Aggie Muster
Changed from Falcon Lake to St. Augustine High school due to weather
Time: 6:00 pm, April 21
Donations: $50 per person, $75 per family, $10 a student

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Featured Event

City of Laredo Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

Event Dates and Times

5/2/2015 - Starts: 9:00 AM
El Metro Park & Ride 1800 E. Hillside Road
City of Laredo Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event
Environmental Services event aims to keep children safe and keep Laredo beautiful

Who: City of Laredo Environmental Services Department

What: Household Hazardous Waste Collections

When & Saturday, May 2, 2015 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: El Metro Park & Ride, 1800 E. Hillside Road

Why: The City of Laredo Environmental Services Department will host the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.

“Citizens are encouraged to save money and the Earth by bringing in hazardous materials on this day for proper disposal, free of charge” said Riazul Mia, director of the Environmental Services Department.

Citizens will receive a FREE reusable bag from the City of Laredo Environmental Services Department for bringing in their chemical waste.

Chemical waste left around the house poses a hazard to young children or pets that may accidently ingest the liquids, causing harm or worse.

Items accepted both days are cleaning products, automotive products, paints, solvents, and stains, pool chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and batteries. Items NOT accepted on Saturday include commercial waste, radioactive waste, medical waste and ammunition and explosives.
For more information, please contact the Environmental Services Department at 794-1650.

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Featured Event

Sanchez Business School Dean Truly Believes in Students, Hosts Really ‘Pig’ Event

Event Dates and Times

4/30/2015 - Starts: 1:30 PM
TAMIU Student Center
Texas A&M International University’s A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business Dean Dr. Steve Sears is proud of the School’s students and enthusiastic about ways to advance their School experience...in a really “Pig” way.

He’ll prove just that Thursday, April 30 at 1:30 on the Student Center patio when he kisses a pig as part of a student-led fundraiser supporting student field and out of town trips.

“We strive to provide our students with the best education possible, and offering value-added, relevant field experiences and paid internships help us to elevate our program and our students. I realize that this may seem a different way to bring that point home, but I think it helps to underscore both my and the School’s commitment to our students, ” Dr. Sears said.

The event has been organized by the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, which represents the majors and minors offered by the Sanchez School.

Daniel Jimenez, the Council’s public relations officer and senior Accounting major, said the students are proud of Dean Sears and his cheerful willingness to step up to the challenge.

“He’s been great…he said he wanted to do something that would attract students, faculty and our business partners around the community. This should do just that and be a lot of fun as well…we’ll even be taking selfies,” Jimenez said.

The students have broken down a menu of charges for the “Kiss a Pig” event, based on kiss location, of course. Individual and group donations are welcome.

“It’s $500 on the forehead, $1000 on the cheek and $1500 on the pig’s snout,” Jimenez explained.

Students are gathering donations on campus and can be contacted at tamiu.businesscouncil@gmail.com for those wishing to contribute.
Sears routinely holds opportunities to interact with Sanchez School students, including events where he sits down and shares pizza with students.

He’ll do just that prior to the “Pig” Event, sharing free pizza, beverages and prizes with the students. Then, he’ll get ready to pucker up on the Student Center Patio.

The A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). A gifted, global faculty, 40 holding a Ph.D. and 18 as adjunct faculty, imparts an international, quality business education.

To learn more about Sanchez School of Business and its undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, visit www.tamiu.edu/arssb.
For University information, please contact the TAMIU Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services at 326.2180, e-mail prmis@tamiu.edu or visit offices in the Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library, room 268.

University office hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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Featured Event

Sheriff Martin Cuellar to talk about dangers of drinking and driving

Event Dates and Times

4/20/2015 - Starts: 10:00 AM
Webb County Sheriff’s Office 902 Victoria St.
In preparation for the upcoming high school prom season, Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar, along with representatives from the areas school districts, will hold a press conference Monday morning to remind students and parents about the dangers of drinking and texting and driving. In addition, Sheriff Cuellar will also be talking about the Safe Driver Program, aimed at high school students who need a safe ride home following the prom.

WHO: Sheriff Martin Cuellar and school district officials

WHAT: To hold press conference on the dangers of drinking and texting and driving this prom season

WHEN: Monday, April 20, 2015
10 a.m.

WHERE: Webb County Sheriff’s Office
902 Victoria St.
Laredo, TX 78040

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Featured Event

LCC to offer various opportunities at graduation fair

Event Dates and Times

4/21/2015 - Starts: 10:00 AM
Kazen Student Center LCC Fort McIntosh Campus
Students who arrived at Laredo Community College created the foundation for success by opening the door to their future. Now, their future has arrived.

In preparation for their future, the college invites all LCC students, parents, alumni and employees to its Graduation Fair on Tuesday, April 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Kazen Student Center at the Fort McIntosh Campus.

Students can pre-register for the event online by going to the Registrar’s Office under Student Services or by visiting Room 160 at the Lerma Peña Building.

Students will be able to look at various graduation keepsakes available for sale, including diploma frames, announcements, mugs, and more by Neebo College Outfitters, as well as regalia packages by the Office of the Registrar. Caps, gowns, sashes, and cords will be distributed, free of charge, during graduation rehearsal.

LCC also will feature a variety of exhibitors and career specialists to inform students of the multitude of opportunities ahead.

Future graduates will be able to meet with recruiters from four-year institutions of higher education, as well as employers hiring for beginning, technical, and professional positions.

LCC future grads will be presented numerous career and academic path options right before graduation arrives, so the community is encouraged to register as soon as possible.

More than 40 exhibitor booths managed by companies, several universities, and career institutions will arrive to guide students on whatever academic or career choice they prefer. Texas Tech University, University of Houston, Texas A&M International University, and the University of the Incarnate Word from San Antonio are among the institutions attending the fair. In addition, the Office of Graduate Studies at TAMIU will have recruiters at the event for alumni and college employees who may be interested in pursuing a master’s degree or higher.

LCC also has invited U.I.S.D and L.I.S.D. school districts, civil servants and local businesses to take part in the event to provide information to those wishing to pursue jobs right after graduation. This includes the United States Border Patrol, Entravision Communications, the Laredo Lemurs, and the city’s police and fire departments.
For information, contact Alexis Cisneros at 721.5887 or at alexis.cisneros@laredo.edu.

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Featured Event

PRIMPED'S Christmas Party

Event Dates and Times

12/4/2014 - Starts: 5:00 PM
Primped The Style Bar - 7718 McPherson Rd. Ste. #1
PRIMPED'S CHRISTMAS PARTY - On Thursday, December 04, 2014 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. Come celebrate a festive evening with friends, music, raffles, gift bag giveaways, a lot of good times, all while benefiting the Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center!
Ariana Mora
(956) 722-2431

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Featured Event

United South Middle School Veterans Day Presentation

Event Dates and Times

11/14/2014 - Starts: 9:00 AM
United South Middle School 3707 Los Presidentes Ave.
WHAT: Veteran’s Day Presentation

WHEN: Friday, November 14, 2014 @ 9:00 a.m.

WHERE: United South Middle School, 3707 Ave. Los Presidentes

United South Middle School (U.S.M.S.), will host a Veteran’s Day presentation. The U.S.M.S. History Club will honor Volunteers Serving the Needy Veterans and Surviving Spouses, a local non-profit organization. Organization founder Gigi Ramos will be presented with a plaque in recognition of her work with local veterans. The U.S.M.S. History Club will also donate money collected from campus faculty, staff and students.
For more information, please call Blanca Palomo at 956-489-2240.

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Featured Event

Free Community Event - by Molina Healthcare

Event Dates and Times

10/22/2014 - Starts: 4:00 PM
Iglesia Senda de Gloria, 125 E. Mendoza Street in Colonia Pueblo Nuevo off Hwy 359, Laredo, TX 78046
The "Tour of Giving" event, which is free and open to the public, will include free fitness activities, as well as giveaways, health information and Medicaid application assistance (for those who are eligible). Dr. Cleo, Molina Healthcare’s popular cat doctor mascot, will also be on-hand to meet and take pictures with the children and their families.
Molina will distribute free tote bags and first aid kits to the first 100 attendees. These items will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis (one per family) while supplies last.

Two signature Molina fitness activities, “Step Up 4 Health” and “Hula Hoop with Dr. Cleo,” will be open to participants of all ages.

Additionally, several community partners will be in attendance to provide the following:
• 100 FREE Flu vaccines (Webb County Indigent Program)
• FREE Dental Check-ups (University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School)
• FREE Dental promos and educational demos (Planet Dental & Orthodontists)
• Hepatitis C and HIV Screenings (SCAN Inc.)
Leigh Woodward, 562-528-5056, leigh.woodward@molinahealthcare.com

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Featured Event

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for UISD's East Transportation Compound

Event Dates and Times

9/18/2014 - Starts: 10:00 AM
500 E.G. Ranch Boulevard off Hwy. 359 (in close proximity to the Bordertown flea market)
WHO: United ISD Board Members

Superintendent Roberto J. Sanntos

United ISD Transportation Dept.

WHAT: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for UISD East Transportation Compound

WHEN: Thursday, September 18, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: 500 E.G. Ranch Boulevard off Hwy. 359, (in close proximity to the Bordertown flea market)

The newly built East Transportation Compound* will meet the growing needs of the eastern sector of the district. The complex areas will accommodate 30 fleet parking spaces, 133 staff/visitor spaces, and 68 bus parking spaces. The complex also houses a bus wash, lube/repair area, fuel distribution system and state –of-the-art security and surveillance systems. When fully operational , the complex will be the origination point for approximately 72 routes serving 5000 students (including those with special needs), from United South High School, United South Middle School, Gonzalez Middle School, and several elementary schools including Killam, Cuellar, Ruiz, Salinas, Bonnie Garcia and Zaffirrini.
For more information, please call Cornelio Zapata at 473-1965.

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Featured Event

13th annual 9/11 ceremony

Event Dates and Times

9/11/2014 - Starts: 9:30 AM
St. Peter's Plaza
Students of the Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts will hold their 13th annual 9/11 ceremony at St. Peter's Plaza, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Guest speaker is Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas.
Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts, school office, 723-7800

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Featured Event

3rd annual Share-a-Bear project kickoff

Event Dates and Times

9/13/2014 - Starts: 10:00 AM
Mall Del Norte, in front of Build-a-Bear Workshop
The Webb County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the community’s help in collecting new stuffed animals for children in Laredo and Webb County.

The Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit will be holding the teddy bear drive during the 3rd Annual Share-a-Bear Project Kick-Off on Saturday, September 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mall Del Norte in front of Build-A-Bear Workshop.

The stuffed animals collected will be given to children who have experienced a traumatic event as a result of a crime or natural disaster. The goal is to bring a smile to children during their time of crisis. The stuffed animals will not only be given to law enforcement officers to disburse, but also to first responders and hospitals in our community. During the kickoff, there will be face painting, child I.D. and other fun activities for children who donate to this great cause.

Students who participate in this project will also receive one community service hour for each teddy bear donated, with a maximum of 10 hours. Build-a-Bear workshop will be providing coupons the day of the event.

WHO: Webb County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit

WHAT 3rd Annual Share-a-Bear Project Kickoff,

WHEN: Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mall Del Norte, in front of Build-a-Bear Workshop

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Featured Event

Citywide Pink Cancer Awareness Day

Event Dates and Times

9/25/2014 - Starts: 11:00 AM
Laredo Chamber of Commerce 2310 San Bernardo Avenue
Non-profit cancer awareness groups
Business owners affiliated with the Laredo Chamber of Commerce

Press conference and photo opportunity to announce the Citywide Pink Cancer Awareness Day which will be on October 10th

September 25 at 11:00 a.m.

Laredo Chamber of Commerce located at 2310 San Bernardo Avenue

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, various non-profit cancer awareness and prevention groups, along with business owners, will gather together to announce a citywide pink cancer awareness day which will be held on Friday, October 10. On this day, everyone in the community is being asked to wear the color pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness month.

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Featured Event

PILLAR hosts 4th Annual Suicide Prevention Candle Light Vigil

Event Dates and Times

9/4/2014 - Starts: 6:00 PM
North Central Park
4th Annual Suicide Prevention Candle Light Vigil

“Suicide Prevention:
One World Connected”

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
North Central Park
International Blvd.
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Everyone is Encouraged to Bring a Remembrance Photo

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Featured Event

Rio Grande Arts Festival Winners Showcase

Event Dates and Times

9/6/2014 - Starts: 7:30 PM
Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Fine Arts Center
Laredo Community College Martinez Fine Arts Center presents the 1st Rio Grande Arts Festival Winners Showcase! The event will take place on Saturday, September 6th at 7:30 p.m. at the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Fine Arts Center. The event is open to the public, general seating is available on a first-come, first-seated basis. General admission is at $10, while admission for seniors and students (with valid ID) is at $5. For more information contact the Fine Arts Center at 721-5334.

If you missed the first annual Rio Grande Arts Festival back in May 2014, here is your chance to catch part of it a second time! We will have all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from each competition present their work. MudRiver will be performing their winning original song “Never Letting Go” along with a few others. Marco Gonzalez will have his winning short film “Jigsaw” played on our big screen and his winning play production of “Philario at Midnight” will be performed on stage. Ms. Kassandra de Hoyos’ winning Playwright piece, “Ones and Zeros”, will have a staged reading by talented local actors.

Don’t miss out! We hope to see you this weekend for a fun fill night with entertainment. All proceedings will benefit for future production.

Please make sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook! The “Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Fine Arts Center Theatre” page will keep you posted on events that are to come at the Fine Arts Center, while “Rio Grande Arts Festival” page will keep you updated on anything relating to LCC’s new festival.

http://www.kgns.tv/community/events/273457961.html | 273457961

Featured Event

Blessed Sacrament Church Grand Jamaica

Event Dates and Times

10/12/2014 - Starts: 4:00 PM
2219 Galveston St. Laredo, Texas 78043
Our first ever Blessed Sacrament Jamaica promises to be a great deal of family fun, good food, and lots of great prizes.

There will be children's rides, games for all ages, great food, music and entertainment. A Community Bingo will be held from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. for all our Bingo lovers and a Loteria too!

Get your raffle tickets now or at the door.
Elia H. Martinez (956) 693-0777

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Featured Event

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for UISD East Transportation Compound

Event Dates and Times

9/18/2014 - Starts: 10:00 AM
500 E.G. Ranch Boulevard off Hwy. 359 (in close proximity to the Bordertown flea market)
WHO: United ISD Board Members, Superintendent Roberto J. Sanntos, United ISD Transportation Dept.

WHAT: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for UISD East Transportation Compound

WHEN: Thursday, September 18, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: 500 E.G. Ranch Boulevard off Hwy. 359, (in close proximity to the Bordertown flea market)

The newly built East Transportation Compound will meet the growing needs of the eastern sector of the district.

The complex areas accommodates 30 fleet parking spaces, 133 staff/visitor spaces, and 68 bus parking spaces, with room for future growth.

The complex also houses a bus wash, lube/repair area, fuel distribution system and is equipped with state –of-the-art security and surveillance systems.

When fully operational , the complex will be the origination point for approximately 72 routes serving 5000 students (including those with special needs), from United South High School, United South Middle School, Gonzalez Middle School, and several elementary schools including Killam, Cuellar, Ruiz, Salinas, Bonnie Garcia and Zaffirrini.
For more information, please call Cornelio Zapata at 473-1965.

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Featured Event

Free Public Forum

Event Dates and Times

8/28/2014 - Starts: 6:00 PM
Providence Health Center 230 Calle del Norte
Who: DHL Providence Health Center

What: Public Forum - Treatment and Management of Peripheral Artery Disease
When: Thursday, August 28th @ 6:00pm

Where: 230 Calle Del Norte (Providence Health Center)
How much: FREE to the public (reservation required)

Guest Speaker: Manuel Gonzalez, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Hear from Dr. Manuel Gonzalez on living with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) including the best treatment and management.
Free blood pressure screenings and height and weight measurements will be provided.
Light snacks will be served.

To reserve your place, call Direct Doctors Plus® at 1-877-992-1711.
To reserve your place, call Direct Doctors Plus® at 1-877-992-1711.

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Featured Event

United Way To Have Kick-Off Event with Special Guest Speaker

Event Dates and Times

9/9/2014 - Starts: 12:00 PM
Laredo Civic Center Ballroom 2400 San Bernardo Avenue
Annual Campaign Kick-Off Event featuring guest speaker Dana LaMon, J.D.

United Board of Directors and Staff, United Way Agencies, Community Representatives and Donors

September 9th at Noon

Laredo Civic Center Ballroom located 2400 San Bernardo Avenue

LaMon is a graduate of Yale University with a law degree from the University of Southern California. He has learned how to make each moment meaningful despite his visual impairment. LaMon is a public speaker and won the 1992 World Champion of Public Speaking award from Toastmasters International. Additionally, he is an author of four books. He will present The Excellence Book: 104 Principles for Living and Working at the kick-off event.

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Community Outreach Program

Event Dates and Times

6/27/2014 - Starts: 9:00 AM
Laredo Municipal Court 4610 Maher Ave.
Attendants will receive a Certificate of Completion good for ten community service hours.

Here is the full schedule:

8:00 - 8:55: Check in for defendants seeking community service hours

09:00 - 09:05: Welcome by Judge Rosie Cuellar

09:10 – 09:40: Session 1 TOPIC: “Seat Belt”
SPEAKER: Officer Abraham Diaz
FROM: Laredo Police Department

09:45 – 10:15: Session 2 TOPIC: “Making Choices”
SPEAKER: Former Judge Vicente H. Molina

10:20 – 10:30: BREAK

10:35– 11:05: Session 3 TOPIC: “True Life Story”
SPEAKER: Luis A. Martinez

11:10 – 11:40: Session 4 TOPIC: “Legal Consequences”
SPEAKER: Attorney Elizabeth Martinez

11:45 – 12:00: Closing Remarks by Muncipal Court Judge Rosie Cuellar
Eddie Elizardo: 956-794-1678.

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LISD Summer School

Event Dates and Times

6/9/2014 - Starts: 8:00 PM
LISD schools
First Day of Elementary, Middle, and High School Summer School

http://www.kgns.tv/community/events/262032261.html | 262032261

Go Spurs Go!

More info about this event...

Event Dates and Times

6/5/2014 - Starts: 5:30 PM
Uni-Trade Stadium
Cheer on the Spurs and watch Game #1 of the NBA finals at the Uni-Trade stadium. Free admission to the stadium club. Reserve a table for $75 or book a suite for $150.
Details, call (956) 753-6877 or email at tickets@LaredoLemurs.com

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St. Augustine High School Cupcake Wars

Event Dates and Times

5/20/2014 - Starts: 2:00 PM
Wellness Center
The St. Augustine High School Cupcake Club will host its annual Cupcake Wars on Tuesday, May 20th at 2:00pm in the Wellness Center.

Each class 9th-12th will have a team baking cupcakes - with celebrity judges!

Pledges collected by each team will go to the charity of the winner's choice. All proceeds of yearlong cupcake sales are donated to local nonprofits!

Please join the fun and sample the cupcakes! Media present will be able to award the Media Prize.
Cristina Garcia
1300 Galveston St.
Laredo, TX 78040

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Public Information Meeting, Proposed Tire Ordinance Amendment

Event Dates and Times

5/14/2014 - Starts: 6:30 PM
Public Works Service Center training room
Public information meeting on Proposed Tire Ordinance Amendment that will require a core charge on new and used tire sales if old tires are not left with the tire vendor for disposal.
City of Laredo Health Department at (956) 795-4935
City of Laredo Environmental Services Department at (956) 794-1653

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TAMIU Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium Anniversary Event

Event Dates and Times

4/12/2014 - Starts: 11:00 AM
TAMIU Lamar Bruni Vergara Science Center and Planetarium, Laredo, TX
Saturday, April 12
$3.00 General Admission
For more information call 956.326 DOME (3663)
Show times: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm
FREE face painting, arts, and music with local dance performances
Claudia Herrera

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Laredo Next Generation Rotary Club to announce honorees for Heroes Event

Event Dates and Times

3/25/2014 - Starts: 2:00 PM
United ISD Central Office Boardroom 201 Lindenwood Drive

Next Generation Rotary Club Members
Hero Award Honorees


Announcement of honorees for upcoming Heroes Awards


March 25, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.


United ISD Central Office Boardroom located at 201 Lindenwood Drive


This honor is given by the organization to those who exemplify the motto of service above self.
Roger C. Rocha, Jr.

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Laredo of Tomorrow Coalition Meeting

Event Dates and Times

3/17/2014 - Starts: 5:30 PM
City Hall Council Chambers
On Monday, March 17, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. members of the Laredo of Tomorrow Coalition will make a presentation before the City of Laredo Council and ask for their support and endorsement of the initiative.

The Laredo of Tomorrow initiative is a community driven movement formed to address the top three issues identified in the 2011 Laredo/Webb County Community Health and Workforce Needs Assessment. The need for:

Better Education/Employment
Better Health Care
Better Quality of Life

Coalition membership includes representation from the various sectors in the community including educational, health care, business, professional and community-at large. Join the membership during this important presentation:

Date: Monday, March 17, 2014
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Place: City Hall, Council Chambers
For additional information call (956)712-0037.

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Webb County Clean-Up Campaign in El Cenizo

Event Dates and Times

3/5/2014 - Starts: 9:00 AM
El Cenizo Community Center
El Cenizo is invited to TEAM UP AND CLEAN UP!

There will be only four tires allowed for pickup per household.

Items that will not be accepted are appliances, batteries, concrete, and bricks.
For more information, please call the Commissioner Precinct One Offices at 956-523-4660.

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Relay for Life - Zapata County

Event Dates and Times

5/2/2014 - Starts: 7:00 PM
Zapata County Precinct 4 Parkway
ZAPATA COUNTY- Zapata County residents are "giving cancer the boot."

Relay for Life is encouraging everyone to step up and become a part of this event. Relay comes together to remember and celebrate a loved one who has battled cancer. By joining Relay, you can help find a cure to this disease.

The event is set for Friday, May 2nd, at the Zapata County Precinct 4 Parkway, at 7pm.
For more information, visit relayforlife.org, call Lilonee Garza at 956-251-6329, or call Nellie Trevino at 956-236-2672.

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