4 KGNS News Evening Edition

4 KGNS News Evening Edition

Detained and Undocumented: Part II

Second half of a KGNS investigation into the possible effects of SB4 for the Laredo community.

Man arrested for alleged lewd acts in public

Witnesses say it was happening near a UISD facility.

Texas slashes restrictions on carrying blades

Coming September first, Texas will be able to carry any type of bladed weapon openly.

Massive ICE crack down in Central and South Texas

About 27 illegal immigrants were caught in Laredo over the course of the crackdown.

Detained and Undocumented: Part Two

The second part in a KGNS investigation showcasing the potential effects of SB4 for the community.

Member of the Tex-Mex Mafia sentenced

U.S. District Judge made the ruling.

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