Billboards honor those who have perished due to COVID-19

Lamar Advertising says they hope to put a name and a face to those who fought the coronavirus
Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 4:34 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Several families in our area are currently mourning the death of those taken by the virus.

COVID-19 related death are continuously being reported in our area, but many of those lost go unnamed.

“How can we come up with something to honor these people and let the community know that we feel the pain of their love ones that have passed?” asked Rose Gutierrez, of Lamar Advertising. “And they are not just a number, so we put a name and a face to those numbers that we keep getting updates on.”

Beginning August 3rd, you will be able to look up and see some of the faces who have passed away due to the virus.

Lamar Advertising of Laredo wants to honor those who have passed by displaying their picture on a digital billboard.

These photos will be shown on two billboards located in north and south Laredo, specifically 603 Shiloh Drive and 1901 Zapata Highway.

Family members that want to take part can submit a photo and the name of their loved-ones through a private message on Lamar Advertising in Laredo’s Facebook.

It is free to take part in it, but it is asked that only a direct family member is submitting the photo.

“To make sure we do have their authorization, we do not want to see him in any way disrespectful,” said Marisol Rojas. “With the request that the photos submitted comes from a family member.”

Lamar Advertising says they hope to put a name and a face to those who fought hard, but to also remind the community that this pandemic is a serious matter.

“It’s also to bring awareness. We see these faces they are a mom, their a dad, their a brother, a sibling. It’s bringing awareness to the community that this is serious and we need to take it serious.”

You can submit a photo through the company’s Facebook page here.

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