Bar owner uncertain about the future following second closures

Bar owner feels that his business is just as important as others
Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 2:04 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -While many businesses have been adjusting their normal operations to stay afloat during the pandemic, a small group of business owners are feeling neglected.

After being trapped inside for several hours of the day, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name but, that can be quite difficult when bars are still closed.

For over a month it has been closing time for several local bars in the City of Laredo as well as the State of Texas.

Local bar owner, Eduardo Medina says he feels that bar owners are being targeted by the state, TABC, and local authorities.

Back in June 26th, Governor Greg Abbott made the announcement to scale back, once again on openings due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, citing bars and clubs as the reason for the surge in numbers.

Abbott says, “If I could go back and redo anything it would probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars. Now seeing in the aftermath of how quickly the coronavirus spread in the bar setting and how a bar setting in reality just doesn’t work with the pandemic.”

This is something local bar owner Eduardo Medina does not agree with.

Medina says he understands that there needs to be regulations but feels that there might be some club or bar owners that might not be enforcing the guidelines.

When bars were allowed to reopen, videos surfaced online showing night clubs packed and not following the social distancing guidelines that we're supposed to be set in place

Medina feels that his business is now paying the price for it.

Medina says, “I don’t think it’s fair man, I think it’s not the bar itself, it’s the bar owners, that did not pay attention and take the precautions needed. If you can go to any store or any establishment and you are not taking the social distancing, you’re not wearing your mask, you’re not doing the hygiene protocols then it’s bound to happen.”

During a recent phone interview, with Greg Abbott, the governor expressed how bars are one of the most challenging businesses to open at this time.

Abbott says, “The inherent nature of a bar brings people close together engaging in conversation and it has shown the leading ways in which COVID is transmitted and second one thing that happens in bars is that people are drinking alcoholic beverages and once you have had one or two of them you are less likely to wear a mask.”

Even when the governor does give the greenlight to finally re-open these establishments in the State of Texas, Eduardo believes it’s going to be a long road to recovery because people might feel apprehensive about being out.

Because of the closures many businesses have had to resort to selling food and beer to go, which is an option that isn’t available to every establishment.

During Friday’s media briefing, Robert Eads said they city has acquired two million dollars of grant money through the CARES Act that will be distributed to those business owners who have been affected by the closures.

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