Local officials appointed to regulate gaming at 8-liners

Webb County officials spoke in depth about what law enforcement entity will be out regulating the rules for these establishments.
Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 8:35 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - As local officials continue to respond to concerns dealing with 8-liners, we learn about enforcement measures being done by city officials.

Many entities continue to make sure that health guidelines are being followed at coin operated businesses or amusement centers.

But it does not stop there- now they are dealing with who officially oversees things.

On Monday’s Webb County’s Commissioners Court meeting, it began with appointing the existing Planning Director Rhonda Tiffin as the game room administer.

Both Judge Tano Tijerina and Tiffin spoke in depth about what law enforcement entity will be out regulating the rules for these establishments.

Tiffin said that it is up to the court to decide if there should be a “lead” law enforcement entity or not.

She goes on to say nothing stops a licensed peace officer from enforcing rules at these establishments.

Commissioner for precinct one Jesse Gonzalez says that it only makes sense that the Sheriff’s Office handles this since they have complete jurisdiction.

However, Gonzalez suggested that he would like to hear from the sheriff about having his deputies out overlooking coin operating facilities.

Concerns regarding if this can be done were about the possible financial strains, but Commissioner John Galo suggested to discuss any financial issues during their budget cut meeting.

Deputy Mario Reyes from the Webb County Constable Office precinct one says they’ve been responding to some of the calls already dealing with these types of establishments.

“Even in the sense that we’ve been making our presence known in the establishments, with the COVID-19 ordinances in the past we have been enforcing.”

In the end, Commissioner Gonzalez says the sheriff is willing to take the lead in enforcing regulation for these establishments.

It will be up to the Sheriff’s Office whether a task force will be created or if he has sufficient manpower in his office to make sure everyone will be following the rules in these facilities .

As of now, the Sheriff’s Department is on stand-by until an order is signed allowing them to enforce the rules.

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