Nuevo Laredo reports 2,283 COVID-19 cases

Death toll remains at 248
Source: MGN online
Source: MGN online(KGNS)
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 11:37 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Officials across the border are reporting another series of coronavirus cases as well as an additional death.

As of September 23rd, Nuevo Laredo has reported 2,288 positive cases of COVID-19 with 91 cases currently active.

According to Mayor Enrique Rivas Cuellar’s Facebook page, 248 residents have passed away from the virus and 77 cases are still pending.

Fortunately, 1,949 residents have recovered from the virus.

Right now there are a total of 28,142 positive cases reported in the entire state of Tamaulipas.

The amount of positive cases continues to increase in our sister city.

As of today, Nuevo Laredo has confirmed 2,283 positive cases of COVID-19 with 92 cases currently active.

Officials say 1,944 residents have recovered from the virus and 69 test results are still pending.

The last death reported was on September 18th, putting the death toll at 247.

Right now there is a total of 28,056 positive cases of COVID-19 reported in the State of Tamaulipas.

Our sister city is reporting an increase in coronavirus cases.

As of Thursday, Nuevo Laredo is reporting 2,203 positive cases with 122 currently active and 103 still pending.

Fortunately, no new deaths were reported; that number remains at 246 and a total of 1,835 residents have recovered.

Right now, there are a total of 26,420 positive cases in the state of Tamaulipas.

Officials in Nuevo Laredo are reporting an increase in coronavirus cases in our sister city.

Since this past Monday, there have been no new deaths reported, leaving the death toll at 242.

However, their positive cases saw a slight increase reaching 2,147 which are seven new cases, with 169 currently active.

Fortunately, 1,737 residents have fully recovered from the virus.

According to reports, Tamaulipas, has a total of 25,327 cases of COVID-19.

Officials in Nuevo Laredo are reporting an increase in positive cases of COVID-19.

As of August 28th, Nuevo Laredo has seen a total of 2,093 cases with 189 of them currently active and 177 still pending.

Fortunately, 1,663 residents have recovered from the virus and no new deaths have been reported.

That number remains at 241.

No deaths have been reported from Monday to Tuesday in Nuevo Laredo, but what they did see was an increase of 36 positive cases.

No recoveries were seen in that time either.

The state of Tamaulipas as a whole has 4,027 active cases in total.

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