Movie theater alters operations amid pandemic

Alamo Drafthouse continues to offer food, and adult beverages during screenings
Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 1:41 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -The coronavirus has caused several businesses to alter their operations and a Texas-based cinema chain is no exception.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a one of a kind experience where movie lovers of all kinds can enjoy a flick on the big screen but just like many other businesses, the theater is making some adjustments due to COVID-19.

Regional Sales Manager for Alamo Drafthouse, Jessica Cortese says, “We are really excited to safely reopen our doors to get our crew members back to work and of course offer a safe place to come out and watch the movies. So we’ve taken a ton of safety measures, we’ve remodeled our entire menu ordering process so that we can ensure the safest possible experience for all of our guests.”

Cortese says “We have moved to an online ordering model for all of our food and beverages purchases in addition to ticketing, so you’ll visit before coming to the movie, pick your available showtime, we do offer a two-seat buffer between groups as you select your seats. Once you pick out your seats you will preselect your food and beverage orders before you come into the theater.”

Once you walk through the doors of the Drafthouse you’ll be screened for your temperature and if you don’t have a mask one will be provided to you at the front.

With COVID-19 still a big threat to our community, the theater assures that its customer’s safety is their top priority which is something one local movie buff Jose Esquivel agrees with.

Jose says, "I was a bit cautious at first because it’s been months and because of the pandemic but once you get there, there’s a sense of normalcy that comes back, and it’s really safe.

Jose even says the whole time he was in the theater, he forgot that there was a virus for three hours.

Although some film-lovers may be feeling apprehensive about returning to the theaters, the Drafthouse reminds the community that its doors are always open.

Cortese says some films just are meant to be seen on the big screen and especially right now, sometimes you just want to get out and have that little bit of extra release.

Jose says, “Because we are film fanatics, we love the ritual of going to the movies, meeting up there, seeing the summer blockbusters forgetting about the outside world, it’s different when you are in there. For three hours everything was normal, which is great.”

The Drafthouse has also made some changes in operations only allowing showtimes from Thursday and Sunday.

For more information on the cinema’s “House Rules” you can head over to their website:

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