New phishing scam involving texts claiming to be from U.S. Postal Service

According to reports, residents have been receiving text messages claiming that a USPS package is ready for pick up and provides a link.
Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 7:44 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - If you recently received at text message from an unknown number claiming a ‘package’ you ordered is ready for pick up, you more than likely have been targeted by scammers.

Scammers are using a new tactic to break into your phone.

The latest move involves individuals receiving text messages notifying them that a package is ready for pick up.

“I received the first one on the 15th, the second on the 19th, and then another one on the 28th,” said Yeni Aguero.

Aguero says when she first got this suspicious text she ignored it, but after several she felt something was off and wants to warn others.

“It also had my name on it. It’s a little scary to know they have my name and number.”

It turns out this is the latest phishing scam happening across the country.

The Federal Trade Commission says a lot of people are getting these text messages claiming to be from the United States Postal Service or other shipment companies.

The message also includes a link, for the recipient to supposedly “claim” the package, or possibly to schedule a new delivery date.

FTC and local police say do not click on these links or share any other personal information because it is a scam.

“Right away I knew something was not right. So I just left it alone, but my mother-in-law did open it up and it asked for her information. She did not put it in, of course.”

Authorities says with online shopping being so popular it is only natural for victims to assume the notice is legitimate.

FTC says to contact the shipment company directly to verify if you do or do not have a package waiting for you.

You can report the phishing scam to the FTC.

Laredo police say it is hard to prosecute this type of crime since it usually originates in other countries.

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