Parent concerned over lack of police presence at school zones

UISD Police Sergeant Sergio Garcia says it helps when parents contact them about issues they are experiencing
Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 2:10 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -Even though fewer kids are going to school for in-person instruction, parents believe district police should not let their guard down.

A UISD parent is speaking out about the need for more police presence.

The speed limit in school zones is 20 miles per hour and parents are concerned because they say this isn’t something residents always obey.

Manuel Lee is a concerned parent who says even though fewer students walk to school now. A school zone must be respected by members of the community.

Lee says they are worried about some individuals not respecting the stop signs and the walk ways.

Lee, who lives near Clark Elementary says since the start of the school year, he’s noticed less district police patrolling the area.

Lee says if there’s no police presence people can go a little crazy and sometimes they think they can do whatever they want because of that.

UISD Police Sergeant Sergio Garcia says before the pandemic, one officer would be assigned to each school but now that more students are learning from home, each officer is assigned to four schools along with other district buildings.

Sergeant Garcia says since officers have more ground to cover, it’s possible they won’t catch everything that happens.

Garcia says it helps if parents call them and tell them about some of the speeders in the area.

Lee says after addressing his concern to the UISD Police Chief, he’s seen more police presence in the area.

He’s noticed that drivers are calmer now and are respectful of the school zones.

Sergeant Garcia encourages parents to keep reaching out to them about any concerns they may have.

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