Local schools address limited football game tickets

UISD has noticed some problems with limiting the amount of people in the stands, such as the affect it has had on athletes with divorced parents.
Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 7:25 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Whether you’re a parent watching your kids play sports or a student supporting your high school team, lots of people enjoy heading out to watch high school games.

This year though, UIL has limited the number of spectators in the stands because of COVID, and KGNS found that number is much smaller in Laredo than in other school districts across the state.

Football fever is back in action, meaning people are not only on the field but also in the stands watching their favorite high school athletes.

Prior to kicking off the football season, the UISD and LISD athletic directors put rules in place limiting the amount of student athletes participating and fans that can watch in-person.

They say they will be continuing to take this conservative route for the rest of the season even though UIL is giving districts the go ahead to have 50% capacity for fans in the stands.

UISD has noticed some problems with limiting the amount of people in the stands. One of those is the affect it has had on athletes with divorced parents.

“We’ve had calls to the office saying, ‘I have multiple families, my mom and dad are divorced and they both remarried, and so what do we do?’” said Roberto Cruz, UISD athletic director.

Since athletes can only receive a maximum of four tickets, it’s hard for split families to watch their kids do what they love most.

Cruz says unfortunately, they can’t allow those families extra tickets because it wouldn’t be fair.

“Just tell them, ‘hey, we know but we’re sorry, this is the allowed number, we have to tell families its between families... it’s up to y’all to decide.”

Both districts say since there is a limited amount of tickets, fans are taking full advantage of their live streamed games.

“We are providing live stream opportunities so everybody at home is able to join,” said Sylvia Barrera, LISD athletic director. “We are trying to stay keep in close contact with the community and let them enjoy their favorite team.”

The directors say during a regular season they wouldn’t get as much attention as they do now with the streaming option.

Moving forward, both districts want to be as safe as they can, that way seniors have a good season even if does mean less people offering support in person.

You can live stream LISD and UISD games on YouTube to show your support from a safe distance.

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