New cemetery proposal discussed while plots fill up

During the meeting, the city planning director said that they might need a zone change instead of an ordinance in order to expand local cemeteries.
Published: Nov. 11, 2020 at 8:53 PM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - A final resting place for our dearly departed may be hard to come by in Laredo, but that could soon possibly change.

Burial plots are filling up at our local cemeteries, so the natural step is to expand.

However, that may be a little more difficult than one may think.

“The state statute is that they have to be five miles away from any city unless they have the permission from the city, but in this case we’re asking for this city to give permission for them to be within our city limits," said District 3 council member Mercurio Martinez, III.

Martinez says once the city establishes an ordinance, the Diocese of Laredo can look into land for future growth.

“The diocese is in the process of looking at some sites down in south Laredo to determine whether or not they’ll be acquiring any property and perhaps use some of that to expand the existing cemetery that we have here off of Saunders, because of the need and of course, it would serve not only the needs of the Catholic Diocese but also the inhabitants of the City of Laredo," said attorney Sigifredo Perez, III.

The attorney for the Diocese and Calvary Catholic Cemetery says they will take on all operations and maintenance and only need the city’s help to change the ordinance, but the request sparked discussion on whether or not the city should continue being in the cemetery business.

Many council members agreed that it was a bad idea, but before they could get ahead of themselves they passed a motion to just allow for an ordinance tweak if necessary, that way the next process could begin.

During the meeting, the city planning director said that they might need a zone change instead of an ordinance.

However, if it’s not allowed by state statute an ordinance wouldn’t help and it would be up to the county.

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