Local teen goes viral asking stepfather to adopt her

A local teen posted a video that has gone viral of the moment she asks her stepfather a very special request, a message that shows parenthood requires love, not DNA.
Published: Nov. 26, 2020 at 7:14 PM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - There is no greater love than that of a parent and their child.

A local teen posted a video on TikTok that has gone viral of the moment she asks her stepfather a very special request.

It’s all caught on camera: the moment that Alexis Villarreal asked her stepfather a question that changed her life and their family forever.

A message that shows parenthood requires love, not DNA.

“I have been wanting to do this for the longest time. But I would back up. Will you adopt me? Yes.”

“It was a surprise for me , it’s an overwhelming feeling that you get to be asked to be a stepfather,” said Gabriel Garcia, Alexis’ stepfather.

It’s an “I do” that will last a lifetime.

With over 25,000 views of TikTok, Alexis Villarreal surprised her stepfather Gabriel Garcia by asking if he would legally adopt her.

“You see the video and I break down in tears. It was a good emotion. It was great.”

A question that’s been on alexis mind for the past four years.

“When you met my mom, you not only took the role of being her partner but being a father figure to our siblings and I,” Alexis said to her stepfather. “You make me feel better when something is wrong with me. You say yes when my mom says ‘no.’ Well, most of the time. Families do not have to match, you don’t have to look like someone else to love them.”

A moment captured by Valerie Vela, Alexis’ mother.

“I broke down,” said Valerie. “I don’t know if you could hear it in the video but I was the last one crying. It broke my heart but it was something happy. Not that I didn’t expect him to say yes, but hearing what she said that’s what got me.”

Gabriel and Valerie knew that they were meant for each other.

Now they are not only sharing their lives and their children, but a special moment with thousands of others of a love between a father and his daughter.

So what’s the next step? They are working to get the legal documents ready to register as father and daughter.

The family says they are sharing their story to inspire others to adopt.

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