A local blend of coffee and culture

Jenny Cantu of Gloria’s Coffee Bar received a grant from a Seattle-based coffee company
Published: Dec. 11, 2020 at 12:46 PM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -A local woman who knows a thing or two about blends is doing just that with coffee and culture.

Her twist to a traditional drink is grabbing the attention of many including a company from the country’s coffee capital.

For Jenny Cantu, her beverages are about combining classic with modern, but never forgetting her roots.

Cantu says, “For me coffee can be anything. A lot of places make it seem you can only get a latte, Americano, espresso shot or a cappuccino. Very limited, very basic but no, you can do anything.”

Cantu owns and runs Gloria’s Coffee Bar.

She says her business was inspired by family and her time drinking coffee with her grandma, named Gloria.

With a quick look at her menu you can see the Latin-American influence, something she says was not intentional at first.

Cantu says, “Café de Olla reminds of when I was younger. And drinking cinnamon something my grandma really liked and being about to showcase that with a modern way because cold brew started as a fad in 2013 or 2014.”

Her unique drinks like Café de Olla Cold Brew, and non-coffee drinks like matcha with horchata have helped her gained local customers but it’s also helping her grow her business.

Recently, a Seattle-based coffee company awarded Cantu a $5,000 grant.

Cantu says, “A lot of my barista friends from across Texas messaged me and they were ‘You’re on Seattle Coffee Gear’ I know! It’s crazy to me.”

She hopes this financial assistance will allow her to set up a coffee cart, since at the moment, she only delivers or sets-up at pop-up markets.

As she grows, she hopes her cold drinks continue to offer a warm-hearted experience.

Cantu says, “I’ll receive messages from people saying ‘your coffee made me remember my grandma and childhood. And I am like whoa I was not expecting that.”

Cantu was also recently featured in Texas monthly.

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