Crews continue to work on restoring water

The utilities director says ways you can help conserve water are by taking quicker showers, shutting down irrigation systems, or reporting any leaks.
Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 8:58 PM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - The winter weather advisories continue and this means energy and safe water are in high demand all over the state and here at home.

While some people may have running water, others don’t.

Earlier this week, the temperature drop lead to frozen water valves and water pipes, which resulted in water disruption.

That’s why the Utilities Department continues asking the community to conserve water since we’re not in the clear yet.

It’s been busy for utility crew workers who are still fixing water lines after a cold week, and it hasn’t been easy.

“The freeze is really what affected all of our equipment,” said Arturo Garcia. “And with the power outage, facilities were impeded and that’s what really caused the problem on the water system.”

The city’s utilities director, Arturo Garcia says going back to normal for all residents could be a community effort.

So far, the areas primarily affected are close to Highway 359, but quick restoration may depend on the amount of water being used or conserved all around town, and that’s because of the high demand for water.

“The conservation does help because theres leaks that we’re battling, so once we are able to exceed that demand. Then we can store more water to elevated storage tanks, and that’s something I feel I need to thank the customers.”

He says ways you can help are by taking quicker showers, shutting down irrigation systems, or reporting any leaks.

With the chilly days settling, Garcia anticipates more breaks in our water system

“As the temperatures get warmer, we’re going to see more breaks but that’s common in an area like this that hasn’t been expanded to this kind of climate. They’ll shrink then expand.”

The utilities director says the department is first concentrating on fixing the central parts of town so they can push water out to different areas of the city.

Although there’s no time line yet on completing the restorations, Garcia says it could be soon.

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