Third vaccine option on the horizon

The U.S. could have its first single-dose coronavirus vaccine in just days now that the FDA says the Johnson and Johnson product is safe and effective.
Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 12:12 AM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - The U.S. could have its first single-dose coronavirus vaccine in just days now that the FDA says the Johnson and Johnson product is safe and effective.

The food and drug administration announced on Wednesday the Johnson and Johnson vaccine meets requirements for emergency use authorization, which could come as early as Friday.

“This morning the FDA found that the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 single dose vaccine has met the initial approval requirements.”

The City of Laredo health authority is in favor of the progress being made to prepare for the distribution of a third vaccine.

“The vaccine is 66.1 percent in preventing moderate to severe COVID019 infections and more importantly, 85 percent effective against severe disease is expected to be recommended by the FDA advisories committee for emergency use authorization next week,” said Doctor Victor Trevino.

The White House COVID response team echoes his sentiments.

”If authorized, we are ready to roll our this vaccine without delay,” said Jeff Ziente. “Our distribution approach will mirror the current allocations process across jurisdictions, pharmacies, and community health centers.”

The endorsement comes as the city announces improvements in our current hospitalization rates.

“Active infections continue to remain low in our community,” said Richard Chamberlain. “This is a good indicator about our overall status but the major indicator is our hospital rate.”

Based on the current data, Laredo is no longer the highest in the state, but the previous winter storm needs to be factored in so numbers remain a question.

If the city has seven days of 15% or less, it can re-open to outside resources, increasing our capacity.

“We are heading in the right direction and we continue to ask for and demand more vaccines for our community. Vaccines were received yesterday. We mobilized to ensure that the vaccines were administered quickly and safely.”

Over 33,300 first doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have already been administered in the city and over 14,000 community members have allegedly received both doses.

Experts remain optimistic.

“I will point the single dose vaccine has less stringent storage requirements, also and it was tested and effective against the more contagious variants from south Africa and the UK,” said Doctor Trevino.

This revelation comes just two days before an independent panel of advisors are scheduled to discuss the usage but many expect it will be approved by the committee.

The FDA is not required to go along with the advisor’s recommendations but often does.

It’s the only vaccine that can be stored at normal refrigeration temperatures.

Johnson and Johnson says it would be able to provide 20 million shots by the end of March.

Johnson and Johnson expects to have more than 100 million doses over the summer.

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