UPDATE: Local fisherman saves drowning boy in Rio Grande

One Laredoan says he was heartbroken after he witnessed several people drown after he managed to save a young boy who was also trying to swim back into Mexico.
Published: Mar. 17, 2021 at 10:44 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 18, 2021 at 3:50 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - UPDATE: The Texas Department of Public Safety has reached out to KGNS to clarify that DPS troopers were not present during the incident.

Sergeant Erick Estrada released the following statement:

“A KGNS story titled “Local fisherman saves drowning boy in Rio Grande” published on March 17, 2021 was broadcasted, and stated that DPS Troopers were present during this incident. After further review, it has been concluded that at no time were DPS troopers present during the incident. The Texas Department of Public Safety continuously monitors potential threats along the Texas - Mexico border, and provides public service to those affected by the current border situation.

We ask KGNS to please edit the story to accurately reflect the statement above. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Below is the original text to this story:

President Biden has a message for would-be migrants: “Don’t come.”

The trip has always been known to be dangerous and even deadly, and puts several people in harm’s way.

Here along the border, it’s not unusual to hear about human smuggling attempts, but Tuesday one Laredoan says he was heartbroken after he witnessed several people drown after he managed to save a young boy who was also trying to swim back into Mexico.

His biggest argument is that he claims he watched Border Patrol agents stand along the riverbanks as the undocumented immigrants struggled during the final moments of their life.

“Hey, you don’t have life jackets- nothing? They’re drowning, these guys. The girl didn’t come out no more.... Get the boat out. They’re drowning.”

Disturbing images were captured along the riverbanks as several undocumented immigrants fight for their life in the Rio Grande.

“I was coming out of work and there was a truck in front of me, almost took my front end off,” said Jesus Vargas. “An officer was behind it and just followed it and they went all the way to Calton Road and then all the way to the river. A bunch of people started to jump in the river- but when they were almost halfway there across they were drowning. Pos, no one was doing anything.:

Jesus Vargas, a local fisherman, remains in shock after he witnessed several females drown in front of agents.

He says he grew restless and decided to take action himself, throwing a line out into the river.

“He just put his little arm out and got the string and that’s the way I pulled him out, but the rest of them just drowned floating down the river.”

The boy was rescued and received first aid, but Vargas remains haunted by what he saw.

“You feel sad for everybody because people are just staring at them drowning, it’s sad for everybody.”

He believes instances such as these should not be politicized.

“Everybody needs help. It doesn’t matter where they are. We are all the same.”

Several people were apprehended in the car they traveled in and according to Border Patrol agents, several did manage to swim and safely make it into Mexico.

Agents argue with the surge they’re could be facing more incidents like this one in the future.

Vargas claimed it took more than two hours for rescue crews to arrive.

The immigrants are believed to have been from Honduras, but the case remains under investigation.

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