Man involved in alleged incident with district attorney speaks out

A two-person confrontation at a local gym has had many people talking.
Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 10:52 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - A two-person confrontation at a local gym has had many people talking.

Last week, a video surfaced on social media that appears to show a man arguing with another man to the point of shoving him out of a local gym.

This video quickly capturing attention after many who saw the incident claimed that the man seen being pushed out of the gym was Webb County district attorney, Isidro Alaniz.

Days after the video surfaced and was shared on social media, the man who confronted Alaniz is now speaking out about why he says he did it and why he filed a police report.

He shares with KGNS how the incident has escalated into what he claims is a form of intimidation by the DA over the encounter.

“‘These people are way up here and you’re way down here’, that’s what they told me.”

“Your response?” asked KGNS’ Yocelin Gallardo.

“That I am not afraid. That’s why I’m here with you guys.”

It began a week ago when a man we will call “Joe” was working out with his girlfriend at a local gym.

Joe claims a man sitting near him was surreptitiously recording his girlfriend on a phone.

When Joe approached the man from behind to confront him over the alleged filming, an altercation ensued. Joe admits things got physical.

“From there I slapped the phone out of his hand. I started pushing him and told him to erase the video.”

The man left and Joe called police to file a report over his allegation that the man had been recording Joe’s girlfriend.

That’s when Joe was approached by a gym goer who identified the man Joe had confronted as Webb County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz.

When police arrived at the gym, Joe says he told the officer what occurred.

However, the official police report does not set forth any of these facts or name Alaniz. It simply states that police were called to respond to an “incident” at the gym.

Joe tells us that after he found out who the man was, he feared assault charges would soon be filed against him for pushing Alaniz.

What he didn’t know was that others had seen the altercation and recorded it, which ended up on social media with others giving their opinion about the incident.

“You can’t convinced every person on what happened…. Only me and him know what happened. And the people that were there.”

Several days passed and it was not until Monday, March 15th that he claims a man he identifies as a police captain reached out to him by phone asking to discuss the gym incident.

He agreed and Tuesday morning, he says he met up with the captain at a Stripes parking lot off of Highway 359.

Here, Joe says the captain called the gym incident a “misunderstanding,” saying Alaniz was only filming himself not his girlfriend, but Joe insists that’s not true.

Joe claims he was not convinced of the explanation and that a meeting with the DA was then offered to him at the Laredo Police Department.

By Joe’s telling, this meeting wasn’t standard investigative practice; it was pressure to make an embarrassing situation go away.

“They put me in a room with cameras, I don’t know if the cameras were on. But they tried to make a deal with me. I don’t know. I feel like they are trying to make a deal with me because they know I am right.”

There, he says he was offered a deal. He allegedly was asked to co-sign a statement saying the gym incident was a misunderstanding between him and Alaniz.

“That it was a mistake. That I was sorry to him! That’s what got me the most, I don’t want to say sorry to a person I know…. I was right. I was not capable of that.”

Joe alleges that they used other tactics to get him to cave in.

“There was intimidation during Tuesday’s meeting. He mentions he knew where my girl worked. So, I ask him how he knew. ‘It’s part of what I do,’ he told me. That’s one of the things that got me and got me angry. He also tried to intimidate me that if I didn’t sign those papers or make a statement he would press charges on me of assault.”

He says he walked out of the meeting without signing anything, but was asked to meet on Wednesday morning with Alaniz at the Laredo Police Department once again to sign the document. In exchange, Alaniz would not press charges against Joe for shoving him at the gym.

“He just mentions if ‘you sign that paper everything is gonna be normal again. Please sign these papers, mijo.’ He actually had a paper signed where it said Isidro Alaniz, as the victim will not press charges on ‘my name’ and saying nothing will be against me.”

Joe says he left, knowing they had given him a deadline of 4:30 that same day to make a decision, but he did not make one.

Instead he sat with us, where we showed him the incident report requested by KGNS.

Again, this report only details the names of the complainant, Joe, his girlfriend’s, and the location but with no description of the incident or name of the district attorney.

According to Joe, he provided a statement for the incident report that included his allegations and was surprised they were not in the official report.

“They don’t have anything here, he can get away with anything, I don’t think it’s right for the people here in Laredo.”

Was this a cover-up, as Joe believes, or simply a misunderstanding?

KGNS reached out to the district attorney, Isidro Alaniz over the allegations made by Joe.

In a statement: Alaniz says:

“On March 10, 2021, there was an incident at a local gym where an incident report was filed. I was contacted by the Laredo Police Department. I provided a statement and cooperated with the inquiry. I cannot comment any further at this time.”

KGNS News has also learned that Chief of Police Trevino has reportedly now placed the captain in question on administrative reassignment effective on Friday.

We will keep you posted on any new developments as they become available.

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