Attorney for man accused in third murder of the year speaks out

Sergio Lozano says his client is claiming self defense during an altercation that escalated
Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 11:00 AM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) -A stabbing at a local reception hall ends with one person dead and five injured.

While the investigation is ongoing, the attorney representing one of the men charged in the crime is speaking out about the case.

Two men are believed to be behind the Sugar Rush Partyland altercation that happened on the Monday morning after Easter.

Anthony Tays Jr. and Lester Herrera are the men accused in the case.

Tays was arrested; meanwhile, Herrera is still at large.

Police have made it clear that this was not a random act of violence rather a fight the turned violent among people who knew each other.

The attorney representing Tays shares what his client is saying about that night.

On the day of the altercation, police found five men injured at the 4500 block of McPherson Road; the sixth man was identified as Jaime Leal Rodriguez who died from his injuries.

Tays’ attorney Sergio Lozano says his client told him it started as a family gathering.

Lozano says he and his family were invited to the location where people were heavily drinking.

The attorney goes on to say that after hours things got out of hand and it escalated from there, turning into a fight where people were throwing beer bottles and tables.

Lozano says several witnesses left the scene leaving questions unanswered.

Now Lozano is in the process of following those leads that he says the Laredo Police Department did not follow.

He says they are documenting all the injuries of all the people that the police did not document.

Lozano says, “This is a self-defense claim that we see right now. We’re talking about an 18-year-old, lanky young man being attacked by multiple people. Bottles, tables, and chairs being thrown at him and his family. He was in fear and he was in fear for his life and protected himself.”

At this time Lozano is trying to get Tays’ bond reduced. Right now it stands at over $500,000.

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