Making a difference: Creating that picture perfect yearbook photo

Martin High School yearbook sponsor goes above and beyond to make sure seniors have a yearbook to remember their high school years
Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 11:43 AM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - With only six weeks left until the end of this school year, there’s no doubt seniors have lost so much of what they probably imagined their senior year would be like.

Thanks to a very determined yearbook sponsor over at Martin High School, seniors will be walking away with a very complete book filled with good memories despite the coronavirus.

As a member of Martin High School’s class of 2021, Diana Izaguirre gets choked up when describing her senior year.

She says it has been very difficult since the pandemic started.

But things are looking up, as she prepares to take her senior picture for the yearbook.

Diana says the yearbook is important because it captures memories and it’s something students can go back and look at when they are older.

According to Laura Hovel, Martin’s Career and Technology Education Teacher and yearbook sponsor for the past 12 years, that milestone would prove to be a challenge this year.

Hovel says they are struggling at home, they are struggling with parents losing their jobs.

As a result, Hovel and her yearbook club were even more determined to make sure every graduating senior was highlighted in this year’s yearbook.

Hovel says, “Because we have so many kids here that accomplishment so much and there’s never enough time to spotlight everyone, so we’ve made it a mission and I really believe that every teacher does it here.”

In order to make that happen during the pandemic, it would call for some out-of-the-box thinking.

Their mission was to get every senior photographed for the yearbook this year and in order to do that they brought a photography studio on campus.

Hovel set up a system that included safety precautions where students can take their pictures in a safe and secure manner, including the panoramic picture.

They took each picture individually and they photoshopped 480 kids into one picture.

It’s all an effort of this week’s Making a Difference honoree to make sure the La Pitaya Yearbook holds good memories for each graduating senior of 2021.

It’s something that Diana appreciates very much.

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