Woman asks community for help to recover from storm

Published: Jun. 8, 2021 at 10:12 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - The triple digit temperatures are difficult enough for anyone to have to endure, now imagine having to do so with a hole in your roof.

That’s exactly what one local woman is having to go through.

On May 17th, we endured a major storm that left behind torrential like damage to many homes in the area, and not everyone has managed to recover.

We met with one woman who is still trying to weather the storm.

“The wind, it was like a tornado. It picked up everything from my roof. I don’t have anything over there... it all fell down.”

Mary Fasci remains devastated by the recent storms that wreaked havoc across Webb County, Zapata, and Nuevo Laredo.

About 2,600 people were left without power and Fasci was left without a roof.

The damage remains evident and the dangerous conditions are taking a toll on her.

“I feel very bad, I got sick and went to the hospital because I’m 78 and I have high blood pressure and it’s very, very emotional. I’m afraid that all the roof will come down on me, you know.”

She’s been living in the house, as is, for close to a month now.

Living solely on her pension, she was forced to plea with multiple agencies for assistance, but the results have been bleak.

“Everything is so negative. All of them said they can’t help me.”

Without family or friends to turn to, Fasci asking is asking the community for help.

“It’s very sad to be alone, to be old, and have only negative answers.”

Fasci has endured the additional turbulent weather including rain and the brutal heat, all without a roof.

She just wants help to return to some normalcy.

If you’re interested in helping Ms. Fasci, you can reach her at 956-701-8209.

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