CBP reports increase in illegal crossings in May

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 11:00 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Now that Vice President Kamala Harris has met with Mexican officials to, in her words, get to the root of the illegal immigration problem... what are the numbers showing us?

Customs and Border Protection released its May 2021 operational update.

CBP is reporting a 1% increase from April to May of encounters with people trying to illegally enter the country along the southwest border.

That’s about 1,100 more people in May.

”As Americans, we don’t look south of the border until we see smoke, and we only act when we see fire.”

U.S. Representative for California’s 46th District Lou Correa said that to CNN after the House Homeland Security Subcommittee held a hearing on children at the border.

According to CBP’s May report, the average daily number of children in CBP custody has decreased from nearly 3,000 in April of this year to slightly above 600 in May.

The agency says this is progress as a result of “establishing temporary facilities that provide a safe, sanitary and secure environment for unaccompanied children...”

In addition to concerns about children’s well being, CBP continues to focus efforts on stopping smuggling organizations.

”Is it true that many of the foreign nationals who are being trafficked across our border often arrive here deeply indebted to the Mexican crime cartels?”

”Certainly, we have seen quite a number of such instances absolutely,” answered Christopher A. Wray, FBI director.

But the increase from April to May is not as steep as it has been.

According to a CBP graph, the number of illegal immigration encounters climbed from January to March but since then, the numbers have begun to level out... 180,000 encounters reported for May.

Meanwhile, unaccompanied children encounters is decreasing, about 3,000 less in May than in April.

The majority of undocumented crossers along the southwest border consist of single adults, and in May CBP deported more than 112,000 people under Title 42.

That allows them to prohibit foreign nationals from entering the U.S. when there is a serious danger of introducing a communicable disease.

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