Salvation Army offers help for homeless during intense heat

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 5:22 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - It’s hard to escape the heat in our streets, and for our homeless community, they can face serious health issues like heat exhaustion.

Getting relief from this brutal summer heat calls for air conditioning, a shower, and a cold drink.

But what about those for those that don’t have a place to sleep or stay cool?

One local group says they are doing what they can to give our homeless a sigh of relief.

As temperatures rise, so do the number of people coming into our local shelters.

“Especially in the summer, we have people that will just come up randomly and ask for water,” said Captain Galabeas from the Salvation Army. “And that’s probably one of our biggest requests: water.”

Captain Galabeas says its the busiest time of year at the Salvation Army.

“Especially in the evenings when they’re trying to rest. Its kind of hard to do that when it’s hot.”

These triple digit temperatures pose some health risks and Salvation Army is one shelter providing some help for those escaping the dangers that come from the intense heat.

“They take it for granted. I know more Laredoans are used to being in the heat, don’t realize they don’t drink enough water and they can dehydrate. So that’s one of the things we focus on.”

Although the shelter capacity is still cut in half due to COVID having only space for nine men and four women, they do their best to make the summer more bearable for the less fortunate.

“We do have individual bags or family bags so if they do come we provide them with that out of our food pantry>

The focus remains on keeping the community hydrated.

“We also have a wash station in front of our shelter that’s there 24/7, so for someone needs water they can come by and get water our of there as well.”

The Salvation Army is expecting community members, the homeless population, and migrants to be knocking on their doors this summer.

The Salvation Army accepts donations in water bottles, sunscreen, or any essentials that can be used for people to stay hydrated.

You can drop them off at their location at 408 Matamoros Street.

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