Former council members speak out against water conditions

Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 9:34 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - The public is steaming over the boil water notice, and former city employees on both sides of the issue were not afraid to step up or speak out against what has happened.

The city insists that the full chlorine conversion concluded Saturday evening, but the TCEQ needs to be one to make that final determination.

Every drop necessary needs to be examined for bacteria before the boil water notice can be lifted. 

”What are we doing to better circumstances?” asked Ricardo Sandoval, local business owner. “It’s happened in 2019, 2021. What were the correct preventative actions in place? What was the one point lessons? What was the 5 point analysis? What was the link victims? What was processed to link what led to the root cause? Where was the preventative pan of action?”

Like many Laredoans in attendance at Monday’s noon special city council meeting, Ricardo Sandoval was filled with questions after the second boil water notice surfaced in less than two years.

“What are the results of these product control modules or indicators? We want to see that. Where are the KPI’s of them being efficient, you know?”

“We keep on electing and re-electing the same old-same old expecting a different result,” said former city council member George Altgelt.

Altgelt was willing to express his disapproval while another one of the speakers at the meeting was a former employee with the city secretary’s office who says extreme water events over the past few years in Texas have increased by 76%.

“I started Googling, Googling... and you know, I know not everyone on the Google is correct, but from what I can see, Bexar County has had boil water notices every single year,” said Donna Magnon, former city employee.

“To Ms. or Mrs. Magnon’s point, as much as the attention is on Mr. Eads and his team, or lack thereof, realistically the spotlight is on you.”

Like Altgelt, it appears many are not buying these theories and question the validity of the claims pointing out our focus should remain here in Laredo. 

“How do we measure what they’re doing? The current work right now? How do they measure that they’re executing the process they’re supposed to do?”

At the end of Monday’s meeting, the city announced that a compensation could be applied to Laredoans that didn’t have access to drinking water who are still expected to receive and pay a bill during the week long advisory period.

Business owners who were unable to operate should also be eligible to benefits.

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