Laredo health authority speaks on COVID positive migrants

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 9:33 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - The Holding Institute will remain under quarantine for another ten days.

The facility, which takes in migrants, reportedly has over a hundred positive COVID cases.

“There’s a genuine concern that we might be headed to a self-inflicted crisis if we do not do anything about this or get this under control...”

On Wednesday during a Digital News Desk interview with Ruben Villarreal, Laredo health authority Doctor Victor Trevino explained the impact of COVID positive migrants in our community.

“The impact would be hospitalizations and the undeserved situation that we have so we just simply would not be able to handle these infections because we don’t have personnel.”

Trevino says there’s roughly 300 positive migrants at our local migrant facilities…

“The problem is they have been on the bus together for several hours and positives are in the bus, so when they arrive at the destination... the positives are separated from the negatives, but since the negatives have already been together with the positives, that is our concerns that these negatives can turn positive.”

There’s roughly 170 positive migrants at the Holding Institute.

City of Laredo Health Director Richard Chamberlain explains that the infections aren’t from an outbreak.

“What has occurred at Holding’s is that there’s been multiple persons being dropped in a positive state, so that required our local health authority to issue a quarantine to ensure that those person are meeting their CDC isolation protocol.”

Chamberlain elaborated saying the number is no longer 170 since some of the migrants have completed their isolation period.

On Monday, Congressman Henry Cuellar announced that DHS agreed to stop the transfer of migrants from the Valley to Laredo in order to avoid overburdening the non-government organizations and local hospitals.

The DHS chief medical officer will visit Laredo on Thursday to talk with the City of Laredo about the situation.

Trevino mentioned that 10 migrant children were hospitalized.

However, since we don’t have a pediatric intensive care unit, they have been sent to San Antonio.

The hospitals were put under diversion earlier this week, meaning they could no longer take in patients due to not enough staff.

That has since been lifted.

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