TAMIU renews agreement to help students of Mexican descent

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 4:11 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Today, one local university is renewing an agreement with the Instituto de Mexicanos —where students of Mexican decent are getting a scholarship as part of the “Exterior Becas” program.

We follow the journey for one student whose selection will help her attain an American education.

With $15,000 being awarded to Mexican students attending Texas A&M International University, the investment is a local one as a lot of these students are from our sister city of Nuevo Laredo.

TAMIU says providing this scholarship helps them maintain their international focus while servicing the community.

For Lourdes Hernandez, receiving this scholarship means more than anyone can ever imagine.

“We feel accepted and not alone. We know that we have a chance and as long as we strive we move forward with our education, we know we’ll be able to succeed,” she said.

Lourdes can relate to many of these students. “I was born here, but for most of my life, I lived across in Nuevo Laredo.”

Coming from Mexico came the challenge of adapting to a new education system.

“As someone coming from a small town in Mexico —and you don’t know the education system here— I think that’s very scary for some students not knowing what they’re stepping into.”

For years the president of TAMIU and the Consul General of Mexico have been under an agreement to support Mexican citizens or students of Mexican descents.

Although the scholarship isn’t enough to cover tuition cost, it does give these students an easier time coming up with expenses for the fall.

Juan Carlos Mendoza, the Consul General of Mexico, says, “They have to cover transportation expenses. They have to pay for food. They have to pay for rent. Many times it makes a difference to continue in school or withdraw. I am convinced that for the Latino community’s best path to succeed in life is through education.”

A total of 47 students were awarded with this scholarship.

The Consulate General of México and Texas A&M International University have been under this partnership since 2013.

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