Texas Sen. Zaffirini comments on House Democrats breaking quorum

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 10:32 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -Texas Senator Judith Zaffirini is speaking on the recent efforts of her democratic colleagues to block the passing of what is considered restrictive voting legislation.

In a statement released from her office on Monday, the Senator states she feels the most effective way to represent her constituents is by staying in Austin, but she does not feel optimistic about it being blocked saying it will inevitably pass.

Zaffirini also said she proposed five amendments and co-wrote another one to counteract Senate Bill One, but they were rejected along party lines.

Texas Sen. Zaffirini’s full statement:

Each legislator must determine how to best represent his or her district. I believe the most effective way to represent my constituents is by staying in Austin to vehemently oppose Senate Bill (SB) 1, which, unfortunately, and inevitably, will pass—whether during this special session or the next. I proposed five amendments and co-authored another one that would eliminate some of the most egregious provisions in SB 1 and would mitigate its detrimental effect on persons with disabilities and persons of color, who would be impacted disproportionately by banning 24-hour and drive-through voting and by placing unnecessary restrictions on persons who assist curbside voters.

The amendment that I co-authored with Senator Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, clarifies mail-in vote identification requirements and was adopted unanimously. The following, however, were rejected along party lines, 4-18, with all Republicans opposing them:

• Rescinding the ban on drive-through voting

• Making curbside voting easier

• Rescinding the ban on 24-hour voting

• Requiring poll watchers to be experienced election officials

• Removing ambiguous language from the voter assistant’s oath that could result in well-meaning persons being charged with a crime.

I remain committed to protecting every Texan’s sacrosanct right to vote and to supporting the practices that have enabled Texas to successfully administer fair, honest and secure elections.

Accordingly, I stayed in Texas to represent my constituents at the Capitol and to strongly support my colleagues who chose to voice their opposition to this restrictive voting bill by leaving the state. Although the party in power has the votes to pass SB 1, I will continue to work to improve it and to oppose its final passage.

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