City reports 343 active coronavirus cases

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 12:13 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx. (KGNS) - Officials have confirmed more active cases and deaths due to the coronavirus over the weekend.

As of Sunday afternoon, there were 343 cases in Webb County, three deaths and our hospitalization rate jumped to 7.43 percent.

Laredo’s health authority Dr. Victor Trevino says the majority of illnesses that are severe and require hospitalization and even care in the intensive care unit are those who remain unvaccinated.

Dr. Trevino says, “This is a tale of two cities. We have a population of vaccinated and a population that’s not. So there’s two different types of ways we see what’s going to go on, and basically the unvaccinated people are the ones that will cost the increases in cases.”

The health authority goes on to say if one percent of Laredo’s unvaccinated population come down with covid, this will critically overwhelm our hospitals.

Currently, he says the city is waiting on the state to send nurses to Laredo to help with the nursing shortages at the hospitals.

Laredo’s Health Department Director has confirmed another series of active coronavirus cases.

On Wednesday, officials confirmed 206 active cases; 24 hours later, that number has gone up to 276.

This was confirmed by Laredo Health Director Richard Chamberlin.

He added the majority of the cases are being observed in unvaccinated people.

The city also confirmed ten new deaths related to COVID-19. They say the deaths are backlogged cases.

The 857th death was a man in his early 50s who passed away on Sunday, July 18 and the 858th death was a woman in her mid-20s who passed away on Tuesday, July 20.

Laredo’s Health Authority Dr. Victor Trevino has issued a statement saying, “As we are seeing a surge in our active cases, we will be reviewing all mitigation measures at our disposal.”

We want to encourage public to wear their masks and get vaccinated in order to reduce the infection in our community.

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