Constant truck U-turns cause traffic delays in Mines Road area

Published: Aug. 3, 2021 at 10:28 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Traffic delays at the World Trade Bridge are not only causing headaches for the freight industry, but also drivers in the area.

While the delays are usually attributed to a system failure or closures on the Mexican side of the bridge, there is another factor coming into play.

However, there is a committee that’s actively finding solutions to remedy this problem.

If you live on Mines Road or drive by the World Trade Bridge, you may have been stuck in traffic.

Back to back trailers waiting to cross into Mexico... but why?

During a meeting with the newly formed Port of Entry Advisory Committee, the topic of insufficient funds at toll booths shed light on one issue impacting the flow of traffic.

“Every time I think this happens, I get called. The bridge is backed up and sometimes we blame Mexico, but it’s not.”

According to the committee liaison Yvette Limon, every truck has an automatic vehicle identification sticker better known as AVI.

Trucking companies are in charge of putting money into the AVI, but Limon says they’ve found that many accounts are empty.

“So, what we have to do, of course, is our staff at the toll booth has to call the front office inside to verify. ‘Can you check account 12345 if they have funds? No, no funds.’ We can’t let them go through.”

Limon says that staff then needs to stop the traffic at the checkpoint, which is going on as we speak, and ask the truck to do a U-turn. Traffic is stalled while trucks do a U-turn to leave.

The trucks go through an exit area where they can leave, and then they have to get money into that AVI and then be able to come back in line. Traffic is at a standstill while this happens and multiple cars start to line up.

This is a process that Limon says usually takes around 10 minutes, but it does cause delays and then from there can cause even further delays in the Mines area.

“For the month of June we had 483 for no funds. It is disruption and we give them, we’ve been giving them notices, ‘please tell your bosses, the account owners, to deposit so that when they get to the lanes they don’t have to (be) an inconvenience to everybody else.’”

After hearing this, many of the committee members- who are experts in trade- tossed around ideas like charging fees to repeat offenders or setting up a sensor that notifies drivers of their AVI balance.

The final decision was for Limon to come back with more data and a proposal that the committee can agree on.

The committee will be reviewing this topic again during a meeting on August 16th.

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