BP union president seeks answers to agents being sent to Valley

Published: Aug. 5, 2021 at 12:03 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - The deputy chief of the entire United States, Raul Ortiz, will be in town on Thursday to share his vision on how to deal with the influx of migrants.

People are anticipating what he has to say.

“So, just in the Rio Grande Valley sector we’ve seen in the last week over 25,000 people that have crossed the border in that area and that’s just the people being apprehended, that’s not counting the people that successfully get away in the Valley sector. Those people that are coming across in the Rio Grande sector are being transported to Laredo so agents can process them here.”

Hector Garza, the president of the Border Patrol union, is seeking answers to the demands agents are facing along the Texas/Mexico border. He says as more migrants are being brought to our city, agents are being sent to the Rio Grande Valley.

“What that equals, we have a less secured the border in Laredo, Texas. More criminal activity coming across the border more drugs coming across the border and unfortunately COVID-19 being transported along the Rio Grande Valley to Laredo. There is an extreme burden on the agents because we don’t have the facilities to hold people. We can’t test people with COVID-19 here and unfortunately we are overwhelmed, not only with the migrants that are being sent, but the drugs that are arriving and the migrants coming here illegally here in Laredo.”

According to Border Patrol agents, different cartels deal with separate areas along the Texas/Mexico border. Here in Laredo, we see more single people crossing because they expect to be engaged in different types of illegal activity, whereas the Rio Grande Valley sees more family units crossing seeking asylum.

“The reason we are seeing more stash houses is because we are seeing less and less Border Patrol agents actually patrolling the Laredo border.”

Garza insists, a resolution is possible, but political parties need to meet somewhere in the middle and his views are being validated by some lawmakers.

“Congressman Cuellar has done everything he knows what to do to try and get the nation’s attention to the problems facing the 28th Congressional District in Texas,” said Senator Lindsay Graham. “We’re letting you down. The nation as a whole is letting you down. What’s going on in your district is bad for the country. Only god knows what the illegal immigrants experience in their journey getting to our country. The people who live in your district are literally under siege.”

“The resolution is in the change of policies,” said Garza. “The administration has to change. We have to be able to deliver consequences. We have to be able to deliver a message that we are sending back to their countries, that people are not going to get a free pass simply because they are bringing a child with them or simply because they make it the United States.”

Ortiz is expected to speak to the Border Patrol union on Thursday afternoon.

Agents are stressing that many of the migrants they encounter are not coming from Mexico, but from Haiti, Venezuela, Brazil, and even as far as Ghana, as well.

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