City addresses COVID positive migrants and temporary restraining order

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 11:40 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - A local shelter is already being overwhelmed with the bus loads of migrant transfers coming in, almost all of them positive with the coronavirus.

The City of Laredo is still fighting in court for transfers to be halted once again, but if that can’t be accomplished, what will they do next?

Five to six busloads of refugees, immigrants, and migrants have been arriving to the Holding Institute since Sunday.

Of the 121, 75 are COVID positive.

However, due to the exposure the remaining people had to the positive cases, everyone is under quarantine.

“As of this moment it is our own Laredo population who is, of course, filling our hospital population. We don’t have any migrant population admitted to our hospital.”

In Wednesday’s media briefing, officials addressed the COVID and migrant situation.

Mayor Pete Saenz went a little further and explaining that the temporary restraining order against the federal government is the only mechanism to stop or limit the flow of migrants to our shelters and potentially our hospitals.

“The federal government has a choice. They can take them to another city where there is ample facilities, maybe even more hospital space than what we have here locally, so this is really the argument that is before the federal judge.”

The mayor says Border Patrol has told them that they’re receiving orders from the top to continue busing in these people.

“And once holding exceeds capacity, Border Patrol is gonna basically put these migrants out on our streets or plazas, as they have in the past.”

The mayor projects that these shelters will exceed capacity within the next bus loads.

If we are to reach this point, Saenz says they have a plan B.

“Plan B isn’t going to be pleasant by any stretches of the imagination for our community, and it’s going to put even more this community at higher risk.”

As far as what that plan entails, Saenz says they are going to remain tight lipped about it until it we get there.

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