Local pizzeria seeks world title at Las Vegas Pizza Expo

Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 10:35 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Everybody wants a slice of the good life, and for one Laredoan, adding a few extra ingredients into the mix makes things extra special.

She has discovered the recipe for success and now she’s throwing her pizza into the ring on a world class level.

The trick is the temperature... and she’s baking at 550.

It might sound cheesy, but Laredo native Janet Duran has mastered the right temperature and flavor to make a pizza pie that’s something extra special.

On Tuesday, she was in Las Vegas preparing to compete at the National Pizza Expo, where she is baking for a world title.

It all begins with love, and then it just keeps getting better.

“I’ve had customers that tip us a hundred dollars, tips us twenty dollars and you should see how my staff reacts to that... it overwhelms them,” said Janet.

Reaction to Janet’s 550 Pizzeria has been overwhelming.

She’s sassy and saucy, and attempting to make history in the baking.

She’s making plenty of dough here at home, but a world title is at hand. She wants to be named the owner of this year’s best non-traditional recipe and she’s entering her ghost recipe because it’s here today and gone tomato!

“The ghost recipe actually came from a customer. He came up with that invention and he called it the ghost. It’s been a crazy seller since then. I put it on my menu. It has three cheeses: gorgonzola, parmesan, and fresh mozzarella.”

What separates Janet from the other pizza makers in town is that she is never afraid to think outside of the box.

She credits her daughter and husband for her success who she olives so much.

When asked how her husband has been involved in the venture, here’s what she had to say:

“He’s been involved a hundred percent. He’s been my number one supporter. He’s always here, he’s a teacher, but right after school he comes and helps me. He’s my oven boy.”

She also has her staff to support her, and they a-dough her.

“I’m hoping we come back with the number one prize of winning first place and she gets her life long dream of drinking a Coke after so many years of not drinking a Coke,” said Kevin Del Rio. “If her achievements and goals come true, that’s really what I want, for her to win.”

No matter how you slice it, she loves her community and kneads no further explanation.

“I love you, Lare-dough. Thank you for everything!”

In the long run, all Janet is saying is give pizza a chance.

Although it sounds cheesy, she’s melted Laredo’s hearts and we have mushroom for her in our lives and certainly in our stomachs!

The competition is taking place on Wednesday.

Janet flew five of her employees to Vegas.

Winners will be announced at a ceremony taking place on Thursday.

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