Districts continue in-class instruction against health authority’s wishes

Published: Aug. 30, 2021 at 10:26 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Pediatric hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the state have now surpassed previous peak numbers.

However, it’s not stopping both local school districts from maintaining in-class instruction.

“After sharing with them our most recent numbers of cases, they’re both agreed; the TEA and the Texas Department of Health Safety, they agreed it was safe for all LISD schools to open today.”

Schools were scheduled to open Monday regardless of whatever confusion was caused after a massive-wide text was sent out by United Independent School District last week.

Both schools were under scrutiny after the Laredo health authority began speaking about the potential quarantine of areas of the school buildings.

“We have issued our orders for the quarantine in specifically targeted areas of concern within the school and in areas that there have been outbreaks,” said Doctor Victor Trevino. “So, we understand that this week. We have a surge in pediatric cases and we know that 14,000 cases have been reported.”

Both districts have opted to keep doors open until further discussion despite warnings from health experts.

At Clark Elementary, students are still learning, apart from reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also COVID protocol and how to test themselves against any potential infections.

Last week, KGNS captured video at UISD showing elementary students testing themselves at Clark under the guidance of their campus COVID crew.

They have their measures in place, which include isolated seating and tables being distanced.

At LISD, breakfast and lunch in elementary schools are more of grab and go with food eaten in the classroom.

But for now, what’s here to stay is in class instruction.

“Last year, as we said before, we had one gymnasium and one athletic directors office at one of our high schools closed,” said Veronica Castillon. “That was last year. We’re the one’s that initiated that information.”

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