Local mom fights for home school instruction

Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 10:14 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Imagine having two children with severe cases of autism... one recognized by the school district, the other expected to attend classes.

There has been lots of confusion surrounding this school year.

Parents with special needs students are facing more adversity than before, but it’s up to them to meet their district’s demands.

Rules, recommendations, and statistics are sometimes modified daily and all exemptions are being examined closer than ever.

An unidentified mother claims she has faced opposition from her youngest child’s elementary school, because she wants to keep him home during the pandemic. She tells us it’s absurd that the director thinks that autism is not a condition.

“Pues absurdo es lo que la directora piensa de que el autismo no es una condicion eso si me molesto mucho de que el autismo no es una condicion les hagas caso a los noticieros.”

Those are the mother’s claims, but upon closer inspection, it appears the child’s paperwork could have been filled out more thoroughly.

“El tiene autismo retraso tiene ansiedad o sea el tiene el autismo mas fuerte tengo que medicarlo porque sino se empieza a pegsar la y se empieza a desesperar.”

She said he has delayed autism, he has anxiety, he has the strongest autism, and that she has to medicate him because otherwise he starts to panic and he starts to despair.

The young boy is supposed to attend Sanchez-Ochoa, but due to his Autism he refuses to wear a mask and his mother has decided to keep him at home.

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“There is a wide variety of conditions that qualify students to receive the 504 homebound instruction,” said Veronica Castillion. “We have to find a way to help the student that needs help. However, the parent needs to get a letter from the child’s physician explaining what those conditions are. So, then with the parents we can choose the mode, the best form of instruction for a child.”

Veronica Castillon, the communications director with LISD has been inundated with parents with similar complaints.

“But we will work with all all of our families to make sure that we provide the best learning environment for the student.”

She tells us the paperwork is essential and every case is dealt with on an individual basis.

“Parents know what’s best for their children and we rely on the support of our parents and students. So, if a parent feels the need to home instruction or homebound back to the in person instruction. We will work with our families; however, the Texas Education Agency requires schools that are public like LISD to have documentation like letters from parents.”

The mother concludes they need to hear out the parents and pay attention to the moms, shut down the schools if they have to, that kids are dying and the hospitals are full.

“Necesitan escucharnos y poner atención a las mamás, cerrar las escuelas si tienen que, los niños están muriendo y los hospitales están llenos.”

This particular case was resolved. KGNS was told that both of her children will receive homebound instruction after all.

If you have questions about your child’s status, you must contact the district directly.

Less than two weeks ago, we shared with you another story about a mother who was protesting outside of the LISD building with a similar complaint.

Her case was also resolved and her child is back in the classroom.

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