Loma Alta residents upset new traffic project blocks access to neighborhood

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 11:26 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - A group of Laredoans are upset because they say a traffic project is denying them access to their neighborhood.

Over a hundred people have signed a petition and they’re hoping to resolve the issue soon.

The residents living along Highway 359 and Dorel Drive say their main concern is safety.

They want two openings: an access point between North Smith Avenue and Lone Star Steel & Supply, as well as one across the Loma Alta Subdivision on Cordova Lane.

“Actually, what it does, it messes up your route because the road was going in this way and that was about it. You’re going and you get out. Basically, it was the whole thing and it messes up your driving. You have to go all the way around,” Oscar Obregon, a Loma Alta resident told us.

Another resident, Maria Theresa Veliz, said, “This is where we live. I’ve been here for 30 years and as you can see, they blocked us out. Why? It doesn’t make sense.”

Bottom line, people living in the Loma Alta Subdivision, believe the new median is a safety hazard.

Many feel the area is being underserved.

Currently, the median extends as far as two miles. All the residents are asking for is access into the neighborhood.

Victor Vasquez, another resident who lives in the neighborhood, provided an update.

“The discussions are continuing. Since then, we’ve been able to deliver the peition to TxDOT that has been signed by over a hundred residents of the neighborhood and we’ve had discussions a handful of times.”

Valdez is expecting a form of resolution in the next few days.

Oscar Obregon says, “The engineers, whoever was working on this, they messed it up. They don’t want to accept it, but that’s the way they did it.”

Many of the families are worried about the status of Chacon Creek.

If it floods, as it often has in the past, people need more alternative routes to exit.

Despite being a state matter, Laredo City Council will discuss the issue at Tuesday’s meeting.

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