Laredo says final goodbye to LCpl David Lee Espinoza

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 8:05 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - People from all across the state and country made a stop at Joe Jackson North funeral home to pay their respectts.

The halls were decorated with posters and signs honoring Marine Lance Corporal Espinoza as a final goodbye.

Service members from the U.S Marine Corp have been with Espinoza since the beginning.

On Sunday— the community got the chance to pay their respects and many say Espinoza’s loss has hit them deeply.

Some, like veteran Enrique Marks, say it’s like losing a brother.

“We consider every marine a family member. We’re all brothers and sisters. We all go through the same training. With one of our marines pass away, it’s very saddening, heartbreaking.”

Before heading to Mass, Bishop James Tamayo shared some words.

“David our brother, one who gives to the example of our community. Our love for our country, God, family, let us imitate him in that perspective.”

During the procession, streets were closed as law enforcement, service members, and the family of Espinoza followed the route that eventually led to the city cemetery.

Along the route, many stood waving flags, saluting, and paying their respects

A great line that filled the streets showed red, white, and blue.

Over at Alexander High School, students and staff who say they didn’t know Espinoza were waving flags sending him off with a heartwarming goodbye.

“I feel honored that our students are learning what it is to pay respects to an important member of our community,” Alexander Principal Ernesto Sandoval told us.

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