Mother of Cigarroa student accused of stabbing another student speaks out

Mother of Cigarroa student accused of stabbing another student speaks out
Mother of Cigarroa student accused of stabbing another student speaks out(KGNS)
Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 1:18 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - On September 9th, school officials at Cigarroa High School reported a stabbing on campus.

As a result of that altercation, one student was sent to the hospital in critical condition.

Jessica Gallegos, the mother of the student accused of stabbing another student, went on our sister station to clarify what happened.

She claims that the other student, who is older than her son, had been bullying him since last year.

After her son raised the issue with her a number of times, Ms. Gallegos said she went to the school to report the problem.

To no avail, she says that the bullying persisted even after calling the school offices who confirmed that they saw it take place.

At that time, she says she did not ask for names or other information.

According to Ms. Gallegos, another incident had happened just three weeks before the stabbing when the other student confronted Ms. Gallego’s son. However, she says they didn’t physically fight --they only exchanged words.

They were then escorted to the school’s offices where Gallego’s son raised the issue again with the administration.

She says that there is no justification for her son’s actions, but said she can only imagine how threatened her son felt since the other student would be joined by his group of friends.

Ms. Gallegos said she is doing this as a mother’s cry against bullying since she has been in this position before.

From her past experience, she says she does not have confidence in school officials to do the right thing or to resolve the situation.

She says she had not received any response from the school in regards to her previous attempts of reporting her son being bullied.

According to her, a school official says they have no record of her doing so.

Ms. Gallegos says that’s not true.

Because there are no records of her reports, she says the school can’t give her any answers or solutions since they consider her son at fault.

As for the sharp object that her son took to school, Ms. Gallegos says she doesn’t know where or how he got it to school.

She said she would have rather had him caught for the weapon than to be in this situation now.

Her son is currently in the juvenile detention center where he has to wait 10 days until he meets with a judge.

According to her, LISD and Cigarroa officials have not told her anything since the incident.

However, she says she is meeting with school officials today but doesn’t think anything will change.

She is also claiming threats have been made against her middle school child from the brother of the stabbing victim.

She says she has reported that to Laredo police to leave nothing to chance.

You can find the full interview (in Spanish) here.

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